Is It Impolite to Be a Powerful Woman?

being a leader“Being a leader is like being a lady.  If you have to go around telling people you are one, you aren’t.”  ~Margaret Thatcher

Such a delicious quote, isn’t it? And a powerful one—but one, if we’re not careful, that can take on a connotation not intended. Time and time again, we come up against the mindset—and the reality, based on research—that compared to their male counterparts, so many women don’t negotiate as hard, don’t push for those top positions, and don’t display what we consider to be “powerful” actions. And why is that? As Chief Everything Officer of my business, I have to own my power. I have to know that I am powerful enough to be successful and happy. There is a huge difference between being an arrogant power-monger and being the confident, capable, dedicated and powerful women we are and have to be as mompreneurs.

What kinds of voices go through your mind as you think of what it means to be a powerful woman? Your grandmother who said, “Arrogance does not befit a woman of dignity” or a teacher who said, “It’s bragging to talk about your strengths” or a mentor who said, “Being powerful alienates those who aren’t”? You know what, guys? That’s thinking small. That’s just thinking small.

Now that’s not to say that being powerful doesn’t come with its challenges and responsibilities. Realizing that you are the person in charge of your destiny, that ultimately the choices you make and the priorities you set determine the outcomes in your life, is a monumental responsibility. As powerful women, wives, moms, entrepreneurs, we alone can make those decisions that work or do not work for our families, our lives, and our businesses.

That’s a lot of responsibility! Now the fear of such responsibility can keep us from living a life of power. But with that responsibility comes great reward as well. The ability to define “success” on your own terms, not borrowing someone else’s definition, not trying to live up to something that your mom or your dad or your neighbor or your friend says that you should be, but owning your own power and calling the shots for your life… It doesn’t get much better than that!

Power is that gateway to sharing our gifts, lifting others up, doing good… which is why we got into business in the first place, right? So whatever your gifts, whatever your strengths, whatever it is that makes you valuable and necessary to the world… own it! Don’t shy away from those amazing talents and the dedication to sharing them and creating a legacy. That’s the powerful woman I want to hang out with.

I’d love to hear your comments.

So what do you think? Power—is it a faux pas? Is it impolite to be powerful? What makes a powerful woman? What makes you a powerful woman? How are you going to share that power?

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