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If-youre-going-to-spendMarketing.  It’s a critical piece of what we do as mompreneurs.  But marketing is one of those things that we can have a tendency to get stuck in—that we check off our ever-increasing list of to-dos and just move on to bigger and better things once we find something that works—like, “Oh, marketing?  Yes, I’ve done that.  Check!”  I hate to be the one to tell you, guys, but if you’re doing that, you’re really, really missing out on a lot of opportunities to get yourself out there, even to the point of being serendipitous.


So let’s get out of that slump.  Let’s get out of autopilot.  Let’s change things up a bit.  There are lots of different ways to market yourselves and your businesses, so let’s look at some of my favorites today.


1.  Asking for referrals.  I don’t care what business you’re in, but if you sell something to someone and they’re pleased with it, are you asking them to share that great news with somebody else?  Sometimes we just forget to ask.  Make sure that you’re asking your satisfied customers for referrals.  If they’re truly happy with what you’ve done for them, they will be glad to bring more business your way.


2.  Writing articles.  Have you submitted any articles lately?  A lot of us got a start in submitting content writing to sites like EzineArticles and other online article directories, but don’t discount local publications.  There are so many local publications specifically for moms and families out there.  Contact them and ask if you can write an article.  Putting your name and byline and demonstrating your expertise in another format that is not run by you—not just your newsletter—helps get the word out and you get to ride on the visibility and coattails of credibility for the organization that publishes you.  Fantastic marketing.


3.  How about press releases?  Now this is something that a lot of people have hang-ups about because they think that there must be some fancy, special process, including hiring a PR person, etc.  You know what guys?  If you are launching a new program, creating a new workshop, offering a special sale, doing some sort of charitable partnership, participating in anything that is possibly newsworthy—why not send out a press release?  People in the news world are looking for bites and nibbles and hooks of things to report on.  And who knows?  Maybe it will land you a fantastic interview in the Wall Street Journal or Forbes or Working Mother.  People want to hear from you.  This is a fantastic opportunity that could lead to so many more opportunities.


4.  Self-publishing.  Self-publishing is the way to go these days.  With a little research, you can publish straight to Amazon Kindle. The publishers out there are working with self-publishing arms like Amazon because they know that people are producing amazing content. If you are blogging on a regular basis, you can take some of those blog posts, organize them by theme and category, create some chapters, re-swizzle the content and then pull it all together in a book.  Why not?  And having a book—self-published or traditionally published—helps open the door to lots of other opportunities for you.  Great marketing tool.


5.  A fresh take on networking.  Here is the key to making networking work for you as a marketing tool: Make sure that when you choose a networking event, you’re going not just to hang out with your colleagues, with your peers, with other people just like you… because they’re not going to buy your stuff, okay? If you’re going to spend your time networking, make the effort to get in front of your target audience.  Go to events where your target audience is and where they might be looking for you.  It will make all the difference.


I hope I’ve sparked your interest and given you reason to take a look at how you can snazz-up what you’re already doing in the marketing arena or even cause to try a new thing or two.  Changes can be scary, but they can also be key in keeping your business top-of-mind, which is really what we all want, right?


Hey, I love to hear from you, so leave me a comment!

What “new thing” are you planning on implementing to keep your marketing fresh?

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