Is It Time To Fire Your Client?

nightmareToday we’re going to talk just a little bit about an intriguing yet somewhat scary question that I think we all need to approach from time to time, for the health of our business and our sanity: “How do you know when it’s time to fire your client?” Now I’m sure the term “nightmare client” rings a certain bell with just about all small business owners, but where is that line between putting up with such a client in order to bring home a paycheck and taking a firm stand in defense of self-respect? If you’re a mompreneur who is allowing a nightmare client to ruin your enthusiasm for your work, it’s time to take a look at some key indicators of when it just may be a good time to fire that client.

1. If a client is constantly expanding his or her demands and requests to include milestones outside the scope of the project that you agreed to, effectively squeezing every drop of blood out of that turnip, aka YOU… it might be time to fire your client.

2. Another indicator that it may be time to fire your client is if he or she is totally dominating your time. It is 100% up to you, as the CEO (Chief Everything Officer) of your business, to manage your time and ensure that you have the variety and type of work you have set forth in your business plan. Own your time… and consider firing a client who insists on dominating it.

3. If your client refuses to observe your boundaries, it may be time to fire that client. Boundaries are so, So, SO important in the life of a mompreneur and essential to keeping your priorities straight while getting what you want out of your business.

4. Another nightmare client is one who makes you feel awkward, uneasy, subservient, undervalued or unappreciated. We’re doing what we love, ladies, and we want to know it matters! Getting paid by someone who treats you poorly is one of the most demoralizing situations we can get ourselves into.

5. Finally, it is almost always time to fire the client who doesn’t want to pay you what you’re worth or what they owe you. If you have set forth clear expectations of “Here is what I do. Here is what you can expect. Here is how much it costs” and at the end of the day they want to negotiate and renegotiate, constantly questioning what you’re worth, chances are this is not the best client for you. It’s time. Oh, it’s time.

So this is just a small sampling of the potential nightmare clients out there you may be dealing with. Sometimes just revisiting your boundaries and ensuring clear communication will be enough to turn things around… but sometimes what we really need to say is: “You’re fired!”

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Have you ever fired a client?
Tell me about your most nightmarish client and how you dealt with them.

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  1. Lara,
    I had a diva client for over a year and the relationship really wore on me. I finally made a decision to increase my prices and that is all it took for her to jump ship. Of course I miss that monthly revenue but I feel so much more at peace. I want my clients to feel WoWed by what I do for them. If not, time to move on.