How To Build Customer Loyalty Without Losing Yourself



The value of customer loyalty is indeed priceless.  And it’s not so much that customer satisfaction in and of itself is worthless but that the difference between the two is HUGE.  For mompreneurs, shifting our focus from one to the other can be the deciding factor in whether we are perceived as a kind of Girl Friday, “everything to everybody” type of person or smart, skilled, professionals offering valuable products and services.  There is a delicate balance in satisfying our customers and meeting the needs of our business.  How do we serve our clients and stay aligned with our strengths, our skills and our style?  How do we build customer loyalty without losing ourselves in the process?


Today I want to help you find some ways to build customer satisfaction and customer loyalty by going that extra mile, by delighting your clients but without compromising yourself because I don’t want you to be everything to everybody and I bet you don’t want to be that either.  Let’s take a look at how we can do that.


  1. Are you a people pleaser?  You know what I mean by that.  I think as moms, this is something we’re pretty used to.  We’re used to taking care of everybody in our lives and it can cross over very easily to our business and become kind of a detrimental habit.  That’s not your job.  You don’t need to do that.  There is a difference between providing great customer satisfaction and going the extra mile and actually kind of sacrificing your own wants and needs when it comes to pleasing someone else.


  1. Just say “no.”  I have had countless MomBiz owners admit to me that their first time saying “no” to a client who asked them to do something they didn’t want to do was awkward and scary.  Remember when you were first learning how to ride a bicycle?  Remember how wobbly and crazy and sometimes painful it was at first?  But remember that amazing feeling of freedom that came with the hard work of practice?  You will have that feeling of freedom in saying “no” too!  I promise!  You don’t have to please everyone. You don’t have to do everything your clients ask.  Stay true to you.


  1. Stick to your guns.  Your job as a business owner is to plan a business that is successful on your terms and sustainable by your decisions.  Your choices drive this business—not your clients.  You know those business plans and product funnels we talk about so often?  It’s really important for you to create these invaluable tools and then keep them posted in front of you to remind yourself when a client asks you if you can do something else, whether or not an opportunity fits into your plan.


All things considered, your customers know you care about them by how well you stay connected, you listen to them, and you offer amazing products and services.  You are building that loyalty that is so critical and you don’t have to lose yourself to please them.



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