Tips For Social Media Success

I Like There is not a one-size-fits-all approach to social media but there are a few questions that everyone needs to answer in order to be successful.

First of all you need to know which platforms to master. There are so many options with social media!

Next you need to know who you should be engaging with.  If you are like most business owners who want to get involved with social media, you are probably uncertain about what you should be tweeting and posting and how to use those posts to attract your ideal clients. We don’t want to waste our time.

Finally you need to know the answer to the burning question we’ve all faced—“How often should I post to get the desired results?”

Here are my tips to help you answer these questions and achieve social media success.


Which platforms should you master? 

facebook-logoMost people are on Facebook so let’s start there.  A lot of mompreneurs are using Facebook for personal reasons and the same is true with our clients.  The statistic is that one in every seven humans is on Facebook.  That means that, chances are unless your human is under the age of 11 months, they’re using Facebook.  Okay, I’m being a little facetious but you get the idea.  It’s going to be pretty hard to argue that your target market is not on Facebook.


The reason I love Facebook so much is because my people are already there.  You are already there.  Your friends and your prospects and your clients are already there so you may as well “Go where your target audience is”—you may as well figure out the Facebook platform and how to leverage it for your business.


twitter bird coffee cupTwitter is another great platform because you can throw such a wide net.  With Facebook you have to “friend” somebody and they have to “accept” you.  Twitter, you don’t.  If somebody looks interesting, you can start following and interacting with them.  You have such a low barrier to being able to connect with potential clients that Twitter is a really good tool.


Obviously there are many other platforms so I will just mention a few of them quickly.  If you are in any sort of product-based or artistic, creative type business— Pinterest and Instagram are right up your alley.  People are consuming visual objects like crazy and they love sharing those things with other people.  So if you make custom jewelry, wouldn’t you want to be posting those pictures on Pinterest and Instagram and letting other people share them for you?  If you are an expert and you have something to share—for instance, I’m a business coach—so I have a lot of expertise to share to my audience so I love podcasting.  I love the fact that I can connect with people with my voice. YouTube —they say that everybody in the whole world searches YouTube faster than they search other networks now.  If you teach people how to do something, if you can give tips and you can put that up on a YouTube channel and make it short then let people share it!


 “Who should you be engaging with?” 

I have a very straightforward answer to this question: You should be engaging with the people most likely to buy from you.

If you are going to get on social media and spend your time building relationships, don’t just do it with other people you like or admire.  It’s great to follow your various mentors.  I love Seth Godin and Marie Forleo- they are awesome.  But me talking to them and trying to engage them isn’t necessarily going to do a whole lot for my business.  I’m learning but they don’t talk back to me that much.  You know who does talk back to me?  The people I help and I talk back to them and they are my priority.  Engage with your target audience.  Do not spend all your time talking to your friends, your neighbors,  and people you know.  Look for the opportunity to engage with your target market because that is what you are there for.


What should you be tweeting and posting?

social_media_peopleContent marketing is fantastic and all that means is you simply share good stuff—also known as content—that people care about; stuff that is interesting, compelling, helpful to your audience.  Try to choose content that helps showcase your expertise and is in line with your audience’s interest.  Great content keeps people coming back and helps them get to know you and think of you when they are looking for a solution.

Your goal is to attract your ideal clients. If you don’t know who your ideal client is you need to schedule a coaching session with me because that determines everything. You must understand who your ideal client is so you can envision that person, find them, talk to them and start to understand them. Once you understand them you can see what problems they have. Once you know what problems they have you can create solutions to those problems!  And you know what?  When people have a problem, they look for a ways to drop money to get rid of it.  Whatever that problem is, they want to get rid of it and it’s going to be pretty easy to spend money on it.  So if you’re a business owner and you can provide a solution that makes a problem go away they will come to you.


How often should you post to get the desired results in your social media strategy? 

How often you should post varies depending on the platform.  You can overwhelm people if you post too much.  You can underwhelm them and lose them and they’ll never come back if you don’t post enough.  In general it is a good idea to post every day.  Whether you’re on Facebook or Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest, your audience is looking for regular connections with you.  On Facebook I’d recommend an average of two to three times a day. On Twitter you can post quite a few more updates daily —up to five or ten times a day or more.

The key to social media success is to be consistent and engage with your fans and followers on a regular basis.



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  1. Thank you so much for such a great information Lara!I like the valuable information you provide in your article. This is a great blueprint on how to get started using social media for business.

  2. My pleasure, Meaghan. I’ve had pretty much the same strategy since I started getting involved with social media. The nice thing about it is that the people you engage with online are usually willing to help you figure things out. I’ve learned so much just by asking questions on twitter!