How do you spend your down time?

I focus a lot of my coaching and training on how to spend your time effectively as a mompreneur. Mostly, I teach you the ways to spend less time working and be more productive when you do work. A great Time Map is key for any mompreneur to manage her time, so she knows when she can work as well as when she has time to spend with her family (or by herself).

Today, I decided to share with you a result of how I schedule my work time and my down time. Since my Kindergartner doesn’t have school on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons, those hours make up our regular “together time.” We spend it going to parks, having playdates with friends, hanging out, and sometimes baking. You can see her shine when she gets her one-on-one time. It makes me happy, too.

Here’s a video of how we spent our down time together yesterday. It was a fun day.


How do you spend your down time? Share your comments below, or hey–make a video and send me the link! I’ll share it around my social networks for you :).

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  1. Hi Lara – I love the new look of your blog…
    It is so fun to get a glimpse of you having fun with your kids.
    I try to read, exercise, dog walk, and of course, watch basketball in my down time.
    I do enjoy making my own schedule so I have some extra time with my kids – however, it does mean a few late nights for me.

  2. And I love the pictures of you with your dogs and kids, too! As our kids get older and more active, the evenings get busier. I’m really enjoying the quiet time I have during the day with my daughter. Next year she’ll be in school all day, so this is a treat to share our one-on-one time. I know your kids are keeping you busy with all the sports!

  3. I remember those days, Lara! 

    My girls are 16 and 12 now so my work hours end when I leave my office to attend a LAX, soccer or basketball game.  Even if I still have a load of work to do, I’m so grateful that their activities force me out of my office to participate in their lives.  And, when I look in the stands and see moms and dads who can’t make the games because they have a 9-5 job, I’m even more grateful!
    I also take one (non-negotiable) hour each morning to exercise:)

  4. I’m so happy that Heather Allard shared this clip with me! You (and your daughter) are absolutely lovely! Yes! Non-multitasked down time with family and self is so important! Just because we can do more, doesn’t always mean we should:) The little one on one time I have with my stepson is sooo precious to me! So, smiley face pancakes, what else! Thanks again!