Get organized–Go paperless

Take a look around my office or my house, and you’ll find quickly that organizing isn’t my strong suit. I excel at planning, strategy, and systems that support the goals I have. But organizing? I’d rather throw stuff away than figure out ways to sort, label and store it. Such activities hold no pleasure for me.

The worst thing to organize for me is paper. I hate paper. It just keeps arriving in my mailbox, gathering in piles around my house, and waiting for me to file it on my desk. As a busy mompreneur with three kids, I don’t need anymore things to file and put away. Clutter is a constant battle in my house already! Whenever I can, I look for electronic ways of processing things that don’t require me printing things out.

Listen to the 15-minute podcast below as I share some tips for helping you make your work at home office a paperless one.

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