#MomBizMondays – Why Girlfriend Time and Talk Matters for Mompreneurs

TOPIC: Why Girl Talk Matters

I have an amazing friend named Mary who is one of those girlfriends I always turn to when I need advice about certain things. She’s my go-to gal for things like: “What should I wear to my husband’s company Christmas Party?” or “I need a simple appetizer that’s cheap and easy to make, but looks like I spent hours doing it,” or “What can I do to nix the struggle I’m having with my son to do his math homework every night?” Mary is the mother of five kids and the bread-winner for her family. She’s an amazing cook, phenomenal gardener, and as best I can tell, doesn’t need sleep. In short, I admire her a ton and have benefited from her support on many occasions.

Mary is not an entrepreneur. She works full time for a company, which requires her to travel on occasion. But her abilities to run a family, run a household, and get dinner on the table every night (even on the nights she’s out of town) fill me with awe. One day around 10 years ago, Mary gave me one of the most poignant bits of wisdom I’ve ever received. I was sharing with her how frustrated I was as a new stay-at-home-mom that my husband didn’t get me, didn’t understand my life, had no idea what I was going through . .  that general sense of disconnectedness many of us feel when we become mothers.

She listened patiently as I whined on and on. Then she grabbed hold of my hands, looked me in the eye and said: “But honey, your husband is NOT your girlfriend.”

I was a bit confused at this response. What could she possibly mean? Of course, my husband isn’t my girlfriend! Those are totally separate things! I shot her a dumbfounded look and waited to hear what she would say next.

Mary explained to me that I was making a mistake expecting my husband to relate to me on certain things that my girlfriends would easily understand. She pointed out that this had nothing to do with how great my husband is, but that I was mis-matching certain topics of conversation with the people most likely to get out of them what I was putting into them.

As soon as she said it, I realized how right she was. Mary totally gets me.

I have spent a lot of time over the years trying to talk to my husband about things that my girlfriends are much more interested in. When I first had kids, I wasted my breath trying to tell my IBM friends all about the joys of motherhood and how amazing it was to watch this little human do absolutely nothing but sleep for hours on end. And when I started my business, I chattered endlessly about it to my parents, brothers, sisters and extended family, who would listen for a bit before gently changing the topic. In each scenario, I remember feeling that I was intruding somehow, taking up their time with something that was of great importance to me, but not to them.

The point of this long ramble is that we all want to be understood. We want others to be able to acknowledge what’s important to us, and if we don’t get that support and acknowledgment, we feel bad. We may start to doubt ourselves. We may start letting go of our dreams or goals, and we might let our fears take over.

As a mom entrepreneur, it’s hard to find people who have been where we are and who know what we’re going to go through next. Heck–it’s hard to find people who understand why we even WANT to run a business when running a family is such an all-encompassing (and all-important) role.

So think about who in your world understands all that you’re up to.

Who can you talk to about babies that won’t sleep, or how frustrated you feel about having no time or energy to exercise?

Who understands why you’re doing this business, and why it’s so important for you to do it, even if it’s hard?

Who in your world can you invite over for a playdate, who can enjoy watching the kids play while you pick each others’ brains for business development or marketing strategies?

The job(s) we do as mom biz owners are tough ones, Ladies. We need support. We need champions.

Let’s get online and talk tonight during #MomBizMondays about the things that make sense to us.

Tonight’s #MomBizMondays twitter party is all about Girl Talk–why and how to connect with the right people to support you as a mom biz owner.

Come prepared to chat about the stuff that matters to you, but that your friends and family might not understand. Ask for some help on a big idea or question related to your home, family or business, and get ready to receive some incredibly helpful advice (and virtual hugs) from women who GET YOU! And of course, be prepared to share your wisdom with all your friends.

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RT @MomBizRetreat – QUESTION #5: What kind of goals do you have in 2012 for more girlfriend time? How are you going to make sure this happens? #MomBizMondays

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