#MomBizMondays: Social Media Power Tools for Busy Mompreneurs


TOPIC: Social Media Power Tools for Busy Mompreneurs

Welcome back, Mom Biz Owners! Hope you took some time off to enjoy your friends and family over the holidays. Here at Mom Biz Coach, we “go dark” during the holidays and are just now re-surfacing and re-connecting with our online friends. It’s time to kickstart the #MomBizMondays Twitter party tonight to talk about how to use some of our favorite power tools to make the time we spend on Social Media more productive.

Are you frustrated trying to “keep up” on Social Media? Feel like all your tweeting, posting, tagging and friending isn’t giving you the results you want? Maybe you created some new goals or revised your business plan to work on building your visibility and credibility to your target market this year, but you’re not sure how to do that? (What’s that? You haven’t updated your business plan lately/ever? Then you better get your ticket PRONTO for the MomBizRetreat Chicago so you can get it done!)

Tonight’s #MomBizMondays twitter party is all about great tools to make the time you spend on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other networks as powerful as possible. Learn how to curate and serve great content to your target audience that keeps them coming back to you for more! We’ll be talking tools and strategies tonight, including:

and many more!

Come prepared to learn some tricks and tips from seasoned Social Media pros who can share ways to help you grow your business in 2012 by leveraging Social Media to attract your ideal clients! And of course, be prepared to share your wisdom with all your friends.

The MomBizRetreat is a proud sponsor of January 2nd’s #MomBizMondays Live Twitter Chat

Monday, January 2, 2012

EST 10:00pm to 11:00pm
CST 09:00pm to 10:00pm
MST 08:00pm to 09:00pm
PST 07:00pm to 08:00pm

Mom Biz Retreat Weekend Getaways for Mompreneurs
This party is sponsored by Lara Galloway, @MomBizCoach and Shelagh Cummins @BizTrainHer, co-hosts of the Mom Biz Retreat. The Mom Biz Retreats are mompreneur getaways that offer women the chance to unplug from their daily routines and responsibilities. They get business coaching and expert consulting to plan, develop, market and grow their business during 2.5 days of intensive workshops. And as a reward for all their hard work, the mom entrepreneur participants treat themselves to private Wake Up Yoga Classes, spa treatments, exquisite meals, delicious wines, and the chance to connect with other women who think talking business and family makes a really good time.

Lara @MomBizCoach Website: Mom Biz Coach FaceBook: Mom Biz Coach
Shelagh @BizTrainHer Website: Practical Mum FaceBook: BizTrainHer
Melissa @TimeOutMom Website: TimeOutMom FaceBook: TimeOutMom


Mariah Humphries – @MariahHumphrieshttp://about.me/MariahHumphries
Manon Leroux – @sociallysavvy4u

We look forward to you joining us Monday night. We would love your help in promoting this chat your communities. Feel free to copy and paste the following tweets to help promote the Twitter Party.

RT @MomBizRetreat – We’re talking Social Media Power Tools tonight! Join #MomBizMondays tonight 10pm ET ow.ly/8gb7B

RT @MomBizRetreat – #mompreneurs: Be a power user of Social Media. Learn tips tonight! Join #MomBizMondays 1/2 10pm ET ow.ly/8gb7B

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[to be provided shortly before the start of the party]


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RT @MomBizRetreat – QUESTION #1: What is your biggest frustration with social media?

RT @MomBizRetreat – QUESTION #2: What do you need social media tools to help you with?

RT @MomBizRetreat – QUESTION #3: What is your favorite social media manager?

RT @MomBizRetreat – QUESTION #4: How much time do you spend a day on social media?

RT @MomBizRetreat – QUESTION #5: What tips can you share about the best way to find more clients on social media?

Please be sure to you Twitter Party hashtag #MomBizMondays at the end of every tweet so everyone may follow along in the conversation even if you are not following that person specifically. Please retweet all questions. It would be great if you were able to share your answers to each question. Connect with others at the party and say hello, chat with others, & remember to HAVE FUN! Also be sure to share links to your websites, blogs, and FaceBook pages too! We love sharing! *If you meet some great like-minded people at tonight’s twitter party, be sure to follow them so you can connect afterwards!

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