Make Tweeting Work for You: Create a Marketing Plan for Twitter

Twitter as a social network has always been a centerpiece for me. I get 95% of my leads from twitter and when I get those leads, they’re already warm to what I do, are qualified, need my services and are ready to start working with me.

I’m no MBA in Twitter Marketing, but I do know something: I use Twitter to create buzz, to do my marketing, to attract the ideal client for me, and to build relationships with each of them, and here’s how I do it:

Tweet Smart: Identify Your Goal

The first thing you want to do is identify your goal for Twitter marketing. What do you want to accomplish? What is your intention?

Here are some ideas:

  • Is it to be visible? To be recognized as an expert?
  • Is it to promote an event?
  • Is it to announce the launch of a new store, a new service or that you’re taking new clients?

Twitter is great for all of that.

When I want to get more clients or more people into the MomBizAcademy, my coaching group, I set up a campaign and invite people to sign up right there on Twitter. We’ll keep the details of that for another post. For now, once you’re clear on your goal from your Twitter marketing, let’s move to the next step.

Plan Your Marketing Strategy for Twitter and Other Media

The next thing you need to consider is: strategy. So, say your goal is to be more visible as an expert, a go-to-resource in your niche.

We think of people as experts when we see them everywhere, hear them everywhere and experience something with them. You can do that using Twitter and other Social Media platforms as well.

What would your strategy be?

Here’s what I’ll do: I’ll go find all the small business, entrepreneurial and mom bloggers out there and find out if I can do a guest post there or create a special report for them.

I’ll leverage the mom bloggers I know and find out if they’ll be willing to give me a shoutout on Twitter or interview me on their blogs.

Blog Talk Radio {link to is a great resource that you should totally check out for interviews and guest speaker opportunities.

Look at other media outlets – magazines, local television, newspapers to get you more visibility, cover what you’re doing and establish your expertise. Follow these media folks on Twitter, contact them and ask if they have a story coming up where you may fit in.

Timing Your Tweets

Think about the timing and don’t overwhelm your twitterfeed with pure marketing tweets. You’ll quickly frustrate your followers and lose them, since no one on Twitter appreciates you pushing your marketing message down their throats. Use that to connect with your audience as well. Think about how often you want to tweet marketing or promotional tweets. I tweet a lot but it isn’t always about a workshop or event. I use Twitter to mainly build relationships, say hello and thank-you, share interesting and relevant articles, videos and podcasts I find when I’m browsing around the internet. If I find something I think would be valuable to my Twitter followers, I share it with them. I suggest doing only promotional/marketing tweets for every 10 helpful/engaging tweets.  Do check out our next post on making marketing on Twitter fun and interesting for more practical tips and ideas.

Do you use Twitter for marketing? How do you use tweets to sell your products or your services?




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  1. I think the most important thing to remember is not to always talk about your own stuff — but share others, too! 

  2. I really like your suggestion for 1 marketing tweet for every 10 other tweets. Sometimes I find I am only promoting my own blog posts through twitter……this article has made me more aware of building connections first! Thanks!

  3. I really believe that we have to “earn the right to promote ourselves” to our followers on Twitter. While it’s easy enough to say that, it’s hard to know exactly how to do it. So a rule of thumb guide is a great first step. You’ll find you get a lot more engagement/interactions with your followers when you spend 10x more time connecting, sharing and relating. Thanks for stopping by!