Conquer Your Fear of Marketing: How to Sell Yourself When You’re a Mom Entrepreneur


fear of marketing

  • Are you too scared to market yourself?

  • Do you struggle with selling yourself or your products?

  • Are negative thoughts running through your head?

You’re not alone. Nearly every mom entrepreneur feels a little afraid of selling herself and promoting her business. Let’s look at some strategies to find out how to stop the fear from holding you back from marketing yourself and growing your business.

Here’s how to overcome the fear of marketing:

Research and Decide Who Your Target Market Is

If you understand what your target market needs and what keeps them up at night, you have the knowledge you need to start marketing yourself. When you know who your target market is and what they need from you, it will fill you with confidence and allow you to share your business in casual settings with ease.

Introspect to See If You Devalue Yourself

Look within to find out what is stopping you from sharing your work, your business. Pay attention to the voices in your head to find out what’s holding you back from talking about your business. Is it because you think you’re not smart enough, don’t know enough or is it that you think that what you do is not important?

Once you find out what that little voice in your head is, shut it up and do it anyway. Fear is normal and everyone feels it.

Create Your Unique Business Statement

Can you clearly articulate what it is you do for a living to a complete stranger? Every mom entrepreneur needs her own Unique Business Statement  (a little like your 10-second elevator pitch) so that she’s ready and able to quickly articulate what she does, who she serves and why it’s important or helpful.

Here’s  my Unique Business Statement and one that I use to describe what I do during casual conversations with friends and peers:

 “ I’m the Mom Biz Coach and I help mom business owners make more money doing what they love while taking care of their number one priority: family.”

Create your Unique Business Statement and then practice it, refine it, until  it’s perfect and just comes out naturally each time someone asks you what you do.

These are just some of the ways to overcome the number one fear that mom entrepreneurs feel at one point or the other: the fear of marketing yourself, the fear of selling yourself without being pushy or obnoxious. Want to find out how this fear of marketing manifests itself in casual conversations? Stay tuned for our next post: Marketing Your Self: The Number One Fear of Mom Entrepreneurs.

How do you promote yourself, and what you do in casual settings? 

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