Essay Contest Winner- From Fear to Faith: One mom’s journey to living out her dreams

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Submitted by: Christine St.Vil


From Fear to Faith: One mom’s journey to living out her dreams

Today, I am living my dream! I make my own schedule on a daily basis….or should I say, my kids make my schedule on a daily basis!

It’s usually my two-month old that starts things off, followed by her (almost) two year old big sister and her (almost) four year old big brother! Some mornings they gradually break into the craziness and let me actually wake up first.  But most mornings, they wake up with a BANG and ready to conquer the world….or each other, whichever comes first!  Since my husband works at night, it’s usually a juggling (and bribing) act just to keep them quiet and entertained until he wakes up.  And the minute he wakes up and  comes down the stairs, their faces light up like Christmas lights, and their squeals are so high pitched you would think he had been gone for months.  I love every minute of it, and wouldn’t trade it for the world.
But you see……my days weren’t always filled with so much joy.

The day was March 21, 2011…a day I’ll never forget.  It was the day I walked into my corporate job (you know, the one with a steady paycheck every two weeks, and the one most people hate to go but go anyway…), and handed in my resignation letter—effective immediately.  I was six and a half months pregnant; with our third child.  For me, this was actually scarier than giving birth….and I don’t take to pain very well at all (I was the one asking for an epidural before I had barely begun dilating)!  But at the same time, an important decision needed to be made: continue to put my pregnancy in jeopardy due to the high stress levels I was under, or listen to what God had been telling me to do long ago and….LEAVE!  After being off of work for a week on medical leave, I realized just how much stress I had been under.  So it no longer became an option, but a necessity.  At the risk of sounding cliché, the biggest weight I had ever had to carry was finally lifted off of my shoulders! I turned in my letter, cleaned out the rest of my office, and skipped out of there forever!

Since March 21st, my success has been so sweet.  My success meant getting the physical and emotional rest I needed for the duration of my pregnancy so I could deliver a healthy baby.  My success has also been being able to take my son to his field trips, and spending quality time with my two year old before her little sister arrived.  My success means that I am finally able to focus on what my dreams are and that of my family so that we can start acting on them.  Success for me, has been realizing that sometimes, you really just have to face your fears and step out on faith.

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