What would you do with $250,000?

A few weeks ago I had the honor of speaking to about 125 mompreneurs about the big choices we have to make at the Women In Biz Conference in Toronto. Our roles as primary caretakers of our families as well as business owners often cause us to have conflicting priorities. And that makes decision-making even tougher than usual.

Erika Ehm of YummyMummyClub.ca also attended the conference, and I had the chance, along with several other mom business owners, to answer her question: What would you do with $250,000? I think it’s a great question, and it definitely made me stop and think about how I’d honor my priorities.

Watch the video below and then share your thoughts. What would you do? How would it change your approach to your business? What changes would you make to your family’s lifestyle? What else would that money make possible for you that isn’t possible now?

Oh, and to enter the contest, read the details here :).

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  1. I was really surprised that my first instinct was not to invest in my business but to think that I would buy rental property to secure an income outside of my business. So now I want to go back and list what I would do IN my business with that money.
    Having said that, many of the mompreneurs interviewed in the video said they would pay their mortgage first, so I it seems I am in good company in wanting to invest in property. Must be the home maker in the Moms.

  2. Oh man what a dream that would be!  I would definitely pay my business debt first so I could relax!  Then I would pay off my son’s college loans – LOL!  I would definitely put aside some money for my business.  I would definitely put some money in my younger son’s 529 account.  College is expensive!!  I don’t know; maybe the smarter thing is to pay off the mortgage and then you have all that extra money left over every month that you can put towards business debt, college loans, vacationing, etc.  It sure is fun dreaming about!  Maybe I should go see how I can win that $250,000!