Women and Power

I just finished interviewing a very smart, inspiring and POWERFUL woman for my WoMEN: What Mom Entrepreneurs Need Teleseminar Series today. Marlynn Schotland, of www.ThePowerMOB.com and www.UrbanBlissLife.com was my guest, and I really enjoyed hearing her take on the topic of powerful women.

Power is a very subjective term, full of positive and negative connotations. What’s more, being powerful means different things when applied to men vs. women.

Here are some of the takeaways from our conversation today:

  • Women often have trouble accepting our strengths, our power and our success. Instead, we tend to downplay them.
  • Women (and especially mompreneurs) define terms like “power” and “success” differently than their male counterparts, AND those definitions are likely to change over time (for instance: when we start a family).
  • Some definitions of a “powerful woman” include: the ability and commitment to help others, being responsible for our choices, owning our happiness, and a woman who is vulnerable and inspiring.
  • The first step to empowering ourselves is self-acceptance.

There were some great comments from the listeners and mompreneurs joining in the discussion on Twitter and Facebook. I’d love to hear your definition of power and how you feel about being a powerful woman.

Want to listen for yourself? No problem. You can listen here or download it to your mp3 player to take with you!

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