Mompreneur Mobility HP ProBook Giveaway!

Are you a mobile mompreneur?

I don’t know about you, but I tend to have a “work anywhere” policy as a mompreneur. With my three computers, cell phone, land line phone, Flip camcorder and webcam, I can be coaching clients in Calgary while sitting at my kitchen table. Or I can load up my next email campaign that blasts to England, Jamaica and all across the US when I’m using the free WiFi at the local coffee shop. And sometimes I shoot a quick video for a vlog while I’m on vacation, wherever that may be.

One of the biggest reasons I decided to quit working for IBM (and then later decided to start my own business) was because I wanted the freedom and flexibility that being a mom entrepreneur affords me. I love being able to work from home, wearing my yoga pants one day and dressing to the nines for a speaking gig the next.

I rely heavily on technology to make my business possible. Most days, I’m singing the praises of my laptop, my Skype account, and Twitter, since they truly make my “working on the fly” lifestyle a reality. And then there are those dreaded days (I’m told it’s when Mercury is in retrograde, which I don’t understand but I have learned that I suffer just the same) when my technology all fails me, leaving me nearly unable to work at all.

I recently blogged about my desire to help as many fellow mompreneurs as possible be more successful in their businesses. I think I found a slam dunk for one of you :).

I’m thrilled to partner with HP to give away a new HP ProBook 4425s, powered by AMD!

If you could use a sleek, new notebook computer to help you handle email, surf the web and keep up with your Social Media contacts wherever you are, make sure you register to win (below)!

Click here to enter the Mompreneur Mobility HP ProBook Giveaway!

Read all about the HP ProBook here.

What about you? What technology do you rely on to make your business possible? What are you using for “mobile computing”–such as an iPhone, Blackberry, iTouch, netbook, laptop, cell phone, etc.? How do you use it? What value does this mobility bring to your business? What compromises do you make in order to be mobile? Where’s your favorite place to work?

To register to win the HP ProBook 4425s, powered by AMD, here’s all you need to do:

  • Leave a comment on the blog below answering some of the questions I asked above.
  • Fill in the sign up form below (which will also allow you to receive some tips and advice from me about how to get it all done as a mom entrepreneur).
  • Winners will be announced here on the blog on Friday, November 12th. We’ll enter all the qualified entries into to help us pick a winner.
  • That’s it!

Click here to enter the Mompreneur Mobility HP ProBook Giveaway!

I am grateful to HP for being willing to share some powerful resources with mom entrepreneurs. A big hearty thanks to HP for making this giveaway possible!

* photo courtesy jeneyepher of flickr creative commons
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  1. Lara! What an awesome giveaway! Boy could I use a ProBook! I tend to do most of my work from home, but that’s because I don’t have any ‘mobile computing devices’, but I’m working on that! How wonderful it would be to do a little work while waiting at the soccer field or on the bus while chaperoning the marching band, or even at those dreaded Orthodontist appointments! If I had the ability to check in on my inventory, order supplies, and keep up on social networking during the day even when out and about, I believe my business would flourish. Thanks!

  2. Lara, way cool what you are doing! My laptop is soooo old, I can’t even update my ipod b/c my laptop doesn’t have enough memory! lol. Anyways, I think twitter is a MUST for me, FB, and other social media. We live in such a remote area that currently we don’t have cell phone reception in our house, so I can’t use that great option. Whenever we move that will change and I will do the majority of everything on the Droid or something. No iPhone as of yet, b/c I use verizon…For me it is all about connecting, staying up to date, responding to clients needs in a timely manner and staying in tune with what is going on in the world. Keep up your great work and see you on twitter!

  3. Being mobile is ESSENTIAL for me!! Being a Mom to 2 young children & running a small business being mobile helps me get closer to that elusive “balance”! I work about 70% of the time from my iPhone, but I am in need of a PC to manipulate documents, run reports, enter inventory, etc, all of which I have to currently do in the office in the wee hours of the morning! I LOVE to work outside while the kids play! Thanks so much for this opportunity!!

  4. Lara, you’re going to laugh but I don’t even have a laptop … I need one oh so badly … but so far have managed to get by with my desktop and cell phone. I’d love to have the capability to take the kids to the park or the play area at the mall and work from there. We’d get out A LOT more if I wasn’t so tethered to my home office.

  5. Lara, you’re going to laugh but I don’t even have a laptop … I need one oh so badly … but so far have managed to get by with my desktop and cell phone. I’d love to have the capability to take the kids to the park or the play area at the mall and work from there. We’d get out A LOT more if I wasn’t so tethered to my home office.

  6. Ohhhhh, well then I’m so glad you entered to win this HP ProBook! For some
    reason, I can’t stand being tethered to my desk or having to sit in an
    office. I like the flexibility of working in the den, kitchen, back porch or
    coffee shop so much better. So it’s not even really about productivity for
    me–just a change of scenery that makes me love being mobile!

  7. Thanks for sharing that, Jamie. Are you happy with the Droid? I’m wondering
    about how smartphone users feel about laptops and notebooks. Are they
    essential, or just a nuisance since they’re bigger than a phone? I love
    mobility, but when I have a blog post or article to write, I go for my
    desktop. Much easier on the typing fingers. Good luck!

  8. You’re welcome, Katie. Thanks for sharing your thoughts about Social Media.
    I feel the same way. My business would have dried up and gone under when we
    moved from Michigan to Ontario three years ago if I hadn’t found my way to
    Twitter back in October of 2008. Being able to keep up my relationships
    there anytime, any place in the world makes such a huge difference!

  9. That’s amazing, Deidrea–70% of your business is done from a smartphone! You
    truly are a “mobile mompreneur!” And I agree that being able to do a few
    things while getting some fresh air with the kids is a bonus of our jobs :).

  10. I use a laptop, my Android mobile and my desktop depending on where I am and what work I am doing. I’m rather diverse in my work as a photographer and medical transcriptionist. I also write freelance so it’s nice to be able to “take my work with me”. Though having a working vacation isn’t as much fun as not doing anything at all, at least I am still working!

    My Android keeps my in touch with clients through both email and phone calls, my laptop I can take with me to coffee shops to work on my articles or if I need to I can bring it with when I am out doing my photography work. I generally dont’ like doing my medical transcription work on it because it gets to be too hard with not having an ergonomic keyboard, but in a pinch it works. 🙂

    However, I do like sitting outside on my deck soaking in the warm weather while I work. Best place ever!

  11. So funny, Michelle…I have the same issue with my cell phone when I try to
    use it inside my house. Definitely a no-go. But I laugh since I often have
    my land line, cell phone (for texting), netbook and laptop all sitting on my
    kitchen table for a work day. Add to that my USB headset (for Skyping) and
    my Flip Cam, and I look like a total technology freak! Good luck and thanks
    for commenting.

  12. I hear ya, Carolyn! It’s so hard trying to squeeze all your work in after
    the kids go to bed. Burning the midnight oil is only sustainable for a
    while, right?

    Thanks for dropping by and best of luck!

  13. I use my HTC Droid Incredible when I am aeay from my desk or laptop. I even use it when I don’t have the time to turn on my laptop. My husband has accepted my cell as my business partner that has the right to interupt Anything I am doing. I do not know what I would do without it…I am posting this comment with it now

    Anna at

  14. Lara what a great opportunity for mompreneurs. I’m a mom of two teens who after years working in one profession returned to school and and began a second career. So now I work in TWO professions as I’m steadily building my Health Coaching business. Not only am I working two jobs, raising two kids and taking two classes I race from place to place to keep up with it all including clients, home, kids sports schedules and building my business. Much of my work during the day is done on my Android when I’m on the go which is pretty hard when I’m talking to clients and needing a laptop at the same time. I have multiple offices with desktops but I’m hardly in any one physical spot for long right now. Having one system that would keeps it all together for me would be fabulous!

  15. Lara, I LOVE this site! I’m a mom in grad school and working and also trying to keep my fledgling mompreneur-venture flourishing. I’ve convinced myself I can do without a smart-phone thus far but I would be lost without the portability of my (oh-so-ancient) laptop. I’ve recently been exploring the social media mediums and thinking of ways to more efficiently utilize them. For think-outside-of-the-box’ers it’s a brave new world out there, and it’s changing so fast! Just this evening my son and I had a most interesting discussion on the meteoric rise of this new android platform and its potential to make obsolete some of the more *ahum* popular ones that are all the rage at the moment. I’m going Android when I go Smart Phone. And I would LOVE to own this laptop! My favorite place to work is from home or a quiet little coffee shop around the corner. Thank you for the opportunity to win!

  16. Lara, this is such an awesome giveaway! I rely heavily on my laptop that my husband and I are currently sharing to run our separate businesses. Talk about a challenge! My BlackBerry is my main backup when it’s not “my turn” with the laptop so that how I get most of my email handled and any non-scheduled social media updates and contacts. I think what I love most about these technologies is it allows me to work anywhere, anytime: at the doctor’s office, in line picking up my son from school, in between client appointments. Most importantly it allows me get a change of scenery when I need it and spend hours working at Panera Bread, my most favorite office away from home!

  17. I am a Work at Home Mom and make and sell Baby items. I use my iPhone to stay in touch with customers when I am on the go, but it becomes extremely difficult to do so. I would really love the chance to win the HP Probook. I would solve alot of my problems! I also am pregnant with #3 and can’t work in bed due to not having a laptop, this would solve that problem as well! Thank you!!

  18. Thanks for your input, Sharon! Sounds like your son is an expert resource
    for all things technological :). I have one of those, too. It’s interesting
    how I used to see the computer as another “appliance” in my house–like the
    microwave, stereo, dishwasher… Now I realize that I see my laptops as an
    extension of me. I don’t like being far from one of my computers so I can
    connect with my friends, family, colleagues and clients to see what’s up in
    the world. So I really need a computer that can go wherever I go.

  19. Hey there, Tyrika! Glad to hear from you again. My hubby and I used to take
    turns with his laptop, and it was hard not being able to work on stuff when
    I felt most compelled to do so. Panera is indeed a great “office” for
    entrepreneurs. They ought to offer laptop rentals at the counter along with
    lattes and bagels. I’m sure they’d have a booming business 🙂

  20. I also have the computer sharing issue with my husband and our computer is a desk top. Does that stop me…NO WAY! I am going to go blind trying to do all my work on my iphone. I need a laptop badly!

  21. I use a laptop and an iPad to work with my students teaching them English as a Second Language. We use lessons from certain web sites and I send information from the laptop to the iPad so that we can both work with the material. The students enjoy working with the technology and they learn their lessons more quickly. In addition, using the iPad and laptop allow us to link to other sites that provide a “reward” for their work, which also helps them learn.I wish that I had more up to date tech. items. This would let me be a better teacher!

  22. I use my computer for several things: I am a writer with one published novel under my belt, I am an active blogger, and I am starting up a craft business with my mother. So I need a reliable, fast computer. Unfortunately, the computer I currently have doesn’t have a lot of memory, so it’s very slow and sluggish. Would love to win one that is better suited to my needs.


  23. I have recently become a mompreneur, and my blackberry makes it so easy to tweet, connect in facebook and check emails while on the go with a busy 5 month old! We share a laptop at home, which is difficult as my husband works for the family business, so he works from home in the evening and on weekends…making it nearly impossible to get anything accomplished and have some kiddo-free work time. A new laptop (with keys that work and don’t ned to be copy/pasted like our ‘m’!!) would be fantastic!

  24. I currently don’t have a “mobile computing” device and I use my parent’s notebook when possible. I would use the HP ProBook 4425s for my study’s (I’m a university student, studying IT), to program, and to start my online business developing applications and/or websites. It would be really important having my own notebook, as I could use it wherever I want, at home or at the university. My favorite place to work is definitely my home.


  25. I use my laptop. I would use the HP ProBook for just about everything from online banking, coresponding with co workers when we are in seperate place other then @ work. My favorite place to work has to be at home.

  26. It’s amazing how many things we now do online these days isn’t it? Online
    banking, yes… And I really miss ordering my groceries online!

    Thanks for dropping by, and best of luck!

  27. I love my smart phone. Mostly just for the phone actually though. It is my business phone and my connection to the kids’ schools in case they need me and I am out of the home office! Thanks for all you do Lara!

    ~Laura Rolands

  28. Lara, I just discovered your terrific site and your wonderful offer. My daughter recently nabbed my laptop which means spending more time in my basement office away from my family. Between working with clients, marketing my business and grad school assignments, free time is a precious commodity. Thank you for the opportunity to win!

  29. My wife uses technology as a independent consultant. She created economic models for clients and it requires some heavy horsepower. The better the hardware the faster it goes and the more time she has to spend with me and the kids.

  30. Oh my where do I start. I have a desktop, Two lap tops which are not quite “Compact”, I have 2 cells one is a personal plain phone the other is my Blackberry Bold in which I cannot live without. I use any and all social networking sites as I am an independent consultant and working on a start-up. My husband says that wherever I go, whatever I am doing, somehow I manage to make it “work.” I can’t help it. I have been wanting a compact notebook for a while but with bootstrapping a new business I just can’t spend the extra money! Maybe I will win.

  31. Is the contest closed already? I left a comment but it doesn’t look like it worked. Disqus isn’t iPhone friendly.
    Which is my answer. I laptop died on the summer and since then I depend on my iPhone for most of my business. Sometimes I make it to the desktop during the day but it’s rare.

  32. One of the better affidavit I abdicate alive for IBM was because I capital the abandon and adaptability that getting a administrator affords me. I adulation getting able to plan from home, cutting my yoga pants one day and bathrobe to the nines for a speaking gig the next.

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  33. One of the main reasons I decided to stop working for IBM, one because I want the freedom and flexibility, as a contractor for my mother. I like to work, from the use of a debate on the future of the nursery to show my yoga pants and a dress to go home.
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  36. Being mobile in business is very important, I currently use a Blackberry and vintage laptop (thats what my 4kids call it).  Needless to say being physically mobile to my customers is most important to my business, many of my customers don’t have the access to transportation that so many take for granted so I bring my business to them. One hurtle though is to be able to take the office with me. I am still stuggling to make my office work more mobile. My favorite place to work is kind of funny, I often sit in my laundry room with my laptop and long internet wire, I do this because my kids avoid this room at all possible cost because it could mean that they have to put ther laundry away so its the queitest room int the house.

  37. Tracy, I totally get why the laundry room is your chosen workspace. This is the stuff that makes sense to us fellow mompreneurs!

    This contest ended a while back, but I do appreciate your chiming in on the critical need for mobility for us mom entrepreneurs. Perhaps HP will do another giveaway with us soon (hint, hint!).

    Until then, best to you.