Is Your Social Media Strategy Relevant to Your Target Audience?

What is your intention when you tweet and post updates to your Facebook Page? Are you just out there chatting? Want to share your insights and perspective on the things that interest you? Want to make friends that share your hobbies? And what about business–are you trying to find clients, JV partners, and to keep your current and past customers engaged? How is what you post online affecting your brand?

Watch this three-minute video and get some tips on how to use Social Media to build your brand.

So what’s your intention when you tweet and post to Facebook and LinkedIn? Please share your comments below.

Thumbnail photo courtesy of Intersection Consulting via flickr Creative Commons
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  1. Thanks for dropping by the blog, Gina. I see so many of my clients and
    colleagues working really hard to play in the Social Media space, but
    without a focus and an intention to be relevant to your audience, you can
    wind up doing more harm for your brand than good.