Chaos Is Normal for Mompreneurs

Summer is over, school is back in session…so everything is getting back to “normal,” right?

Not necessarily. When you’re a mompreneur, you have to adjust your mindset to the life you are choosing to lead. It really is a bit chaotic sometimes, but you’re not going to be successful in your business if you let the chaos of motherhood affect your ability to meet your business goals.

I am thrilled to be featured in today’s London Ontario Free Press in an article by Allison Graham. You can read my thoughts on how to be a successful mompreneur, along with those of my friend Melissa Lierman, by clicking here.

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  1. I think that when we as mothers choose to pursue a career in addition to children, it is often because in some deep part of our subconscious we actually find the chaos to be fun. It’s like solving a really complex puzzle as we move through our days.

  2. What a great comment, Christy! As I read your words, I remembered how many
    times I said that myself this summer. The truth is, I do love a bit of
    chaos. I get bored with normal. Maybe there’s a 12 step program for me
    somewhere? 🙂