You get what you prepare for

That Mike Dooley…

His “Notes From the Universe” have inspired me again!

I just finished my group coaching call with the Mom Biz Makeover Program gals, and one of the mompreneurs was discussing how her business seemed to continually evolve. She was telling us how hard it was to let go of the brand (name, logo, website, etc.) that she has worked so hard to build, yet that she knows doesn’t represent where her business is heading and where she wants it to go anymore.

She’s not the only one. It happens to all of us mom entrepreneurs: you have to put a stake in the ground, give your business a name, and start building your message, your platform and your brand. But over time, you grow, get better at doing certain things, find that your market wants more of something and less of something from you, and if you’re going to thrive, you evolve to meet these changes.

So you wind up with a brand, a logo, a blog and a website that has cost you tons of time and money, but doesn’t convey the message you know will take you forward. And so you wind up doing something totally normal, but totally wrong: you attempt to straddle both. Or to put it another way, you say something like this: “Well, I really want my business to be X, but I’m not sure that I can get it there, so I figure I’ll keep holding onto my old stuff.”

Here’s the quote that I got from Mike Dooley today:

If someone wants “A” to happen, Lara, yet they prepare for “B,” they will always get “B.”

Prepare for “A”

Simple, isn’t it?

Take a look at what you’re committed to. Are you planning and preparing for that, or are you planning for it not to work out?

Photo credit: The Smithsonian via Flickr
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  1. I love Mike Dooley… and got the same message today… and totally got that for me, as a mompreneur and as a human being, it's crucial to remember that without a plan, without a process on how to get “there from here” we'll always end up at the mercy of the “current”.
    There are some times when allowing yourself to go with the flow is helpful. Having said, I love that my grandma used to say: “Honey, only dead fish go with the flow”! She was clearly talking about charting your own way and taking charge of your own life, in your own terms. Focusing our energy on what we want more of, rather than what we don't want!
    Thank you for sharing this post. I love it when I get confirmation from Life that I am actually listening!

    Sandra-The Soulful Parent

  2. I would also emphasize the importance of testing, testing, testing whether you are in the start-up phase or considering a new direction with your business. Before you decide if you should move for Plan A or B spend some time measuring potential customer reactions. Are they interested? Will they buy? Is it just a gut move, a new wave or trend…or does it have some serious potential growth opportunity? And definitely do it before you invest resources to start your new brand/company!

  3. Sandra,

    Thank you for your comments. I love the wisdom of your grandma and the “dead fish” story! Brilliant! Yep, I have finally realized that I need acknowledgment and encouragement, and Mike Dooley's Notes From the Universe have me hooked. Somehow he is able to deliver messages that have “universal” appeal as well as daily applicability (is that a word?).

    Hugs to you, too!

  4. Ah, such wise words, Malla! It's so true. I have certainly wasted enough of my time pouring my time and money into something I love, but that I haven't tested with my target market. And with all the technology (my faves = twitter and google, of course) available to us entrepreneurs, testing isn't all that difficult. Great reminder!

  5. Thanks for dropping by, Christy. With your expertise in marketing, I'm sure you have seen clients sabotage a great product/program/service with self-doubt that gets in the way when they're trying something new. The trick is catching ourselves when we're doing it, right?

  6. I committed to getting my stuff straightened out in my brain! I can't wait to find clarity in what I'm heading towards! It's amazing how the company, mission and objectives roll of my tongue, but I get caught up in the branding piece…

  7. Becky,

    I swear I know how you feel. And I really think the confusion exists when
    you're straddling two options, knowing that you need to let go of one but
    feeling to scared to really commit to the other one. It gets easier, I
    promise! And this is exactly what is supposed to happen to us
    mompreneurs–it shows that we are growing and evolving to suit the needs of
    our clients and play a bigger game in our market. You'll get there!
    Heck–you already ARE there! What would happen if you let go of it being so