What if you stopped trying so hard?

Everyday, I get an email from a guy named Mike Dooley who offers inspirational messages. Some days, I feel too busy to read them and simply delete them. Other days, it’s like he has somehow been able to read my thoughts and sends a perfect message at just the right moment.

Here’s the message I almost deleted this morning:

Stop thinking that you have to make it happen, Lara, and let it happen… That you have to be better, and be yourself… That I’ve ever judged you, and be free.

What stopped me in my tracks this morning was that this is the exact message I decided to use for a keynote speech I’ve been asked to deliver at a Women’s Leadership Conference next year. And I just came up with this yesterday afternoon.

Since I don’t believe in coincidences, I’m taking this as a sign from the Universe that I’ve chosen the perfect topic. I’ll be talking about authentic leadership, and how the first step is self-acceptance.

Crazy things happen when we accept ourselves–we become a magnet for others who want to accept themselves, too. And all of that has nothing to do with being perfect or better than others.

Photo credit La Bella Sandra Photography
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  1. Aren't Notes from the Universe beyond awesome! It's so amazing that he talks to all of us while talking to each of us. : )

  2. Yes, so true! I first subscribed to them as part of my life coach training
    through Accomplishment Coaching. I couldn't believe how often the daily
    notes seemed to be able to touch on something I was thinking about that day.
    Thanks for the comment.

  3. I have to say Lara, that Mike Dooley's notes are the ONLY emails that I never delete without opening first. I actually started a folder for the ones that mean the most to me. They always make me smile and feel loved, even on the days when I feel icky 😀