Day One of EVO 2010

Hey there everyone! This is Rebecca Buscemi, the business manager of The Mom Biz Coach. I’ve stepped in for a few days to fill you in with all of the fantastic information and tips that Lara is picking up as she is having a blast both participating and speaking at the 2010 EVO conference. So here is some of the wonderful information that she wanted me to share with you.

Lara had the pleasure to hear @caroljsroth @lizstrauss and @ghennipher speak on Doing Business in a Social Media World. Here are some of the highlights.

From @lizstrauss:

  • “Loving what you do is irresistible.”
  • “If you make a promise to yourself and keep it, it builds integrity.”
  • “Why is it that givers don’t get paid? Because we think it’s mean to want to get paid?” Wow! Thought-provoking Question!
  • “Know your value, and get a clear mindset on diff between helping & doing. Get PAID for the work you do!”
  • Mompreneurs–re: outsourcing: “If anybody can do it, then let anybody do it.”
  • “Knowing where you’re going is irresistibly attractive.

From @caroljsroth:

  • “There is no “working for free”…it’s called “volunteering”
  • Warning=strong language: “Don’t be a business slut. If U give away the milk 4free, no one wants to buy your cow.”
  • “A job-business: a business entirely dependent upon one or two people (can’t survive when you’re not there).”
  • “Jobbie: a hobby disguised as a job or business.”
  • @caroljsroth pointed out all the hobbies that COST $ rather than MAKE $. Depends on goals!
  • “A bona-fide business: a business not dependent upon any one person for its success and longevity.”

And from @ghennipher:

  • She shared the findings from a study on how we use social media: find people, invite others to join your network, manage access to your network, connect people to your networks, manage relationships across these networks, collaborate and share content
  • Here are some tools that she recommended to begin to build a social media customer relationship strategy:
  • helps you see what positive and negative things are being said about you online
  • tracks you and all your comments and gives you feedback/score on certain metrics
  • is another tool for metrics and analytics to monitor how ppl feel about you online
  • tracks what people are saying about you
  • tells you about your customers’ interests, if/where they’re active on social media.

And a few last miscellanious things that I thought were cool to share:

  • Oh goodness. This might be another new favorite tool of mine: Try it! via @centsiblelife (cool new #EVOconf friend 🙂
  • It’s irresistible to do work you love and be successful on your own terms. Yeah. That’s mine! #EVOConf (Lara’s quote)
  • Many mompreneurs I know have a “job-business”–they’re working more hours for less $ than they did when they worked for someone else.
  • Networking: check out this amazing “SMS Biz Card” service from I’m going to use it today!
  • “Showing genuine vulnerability is better than false strength.” (via @skinnyjeans at #EVOconf).

Lara has also promised to upload some videos that she taken at the conference to her Facebook Business Page. So makes sure you check it out over the weekend: The Mom Biz Coach on Facebook

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  1. Fabulous! I appreciate it. I just posted another vlog up on my FB page and account. I’ll grab some more videos and do more live tweets today from the sessions. I’m learning so much!

  2. Thanks for that, Gwen. I logged on to see this great post my business manager did for me last night, but my eyes were crossing due to extreme tiredness, so I missed it! I’ve updated it now. Following you!

  3. Great information! I just went to all of those sites you mentioned and can totally see that they will be valuable. Thanks for a great post. I just liked your FB page so I don't miss the Day 2 update!

  4. @mommysnacks Glad you found the links helpful. I know I sure learned a lot at the conference! The speakers were all top-notch. Since I'm such an evangelist about doing business on twitter, it really helps to have tools to study the impact of our efforts in the Social Media sphere. Take care!

  5. @Gwen Trackur is one of the few tools discussed at the Evo Conference for monitoring your online reputation that isn't free. Are you using it, or what other monitoring tools do you use? I'm not sure I'm ready to pay $18 mo. (basic plan) for a monitoring service right now. For an entrepreneur, there are so many tools out there that do similar things, if not quite as well as trackur. does. Your thoughts?

  6. loved this recap of great info — I didn't get to actually sit in many sessions so I loved reading these!

  7. Glad you enjoyed it, Rachael! As you can see, we all learned such a ton of
    great info while we were at EVO. Thanks so much for putting together such a
    top notch event. Just let us know when the tickets for EVO '11 go on sale!