One of Those Mompreneur Days

Today is one of those days where I don’t think I’ll be contending for the Mother of the Year Award. In this video, I share how being a coach and a mompreneur help me be a better mother to my children.

Have you had one of those days? Does your work help complete you and fill you up so you can be a better mom? I’d love your comments below.

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  1. Lara,
    Thank you so much for your honesty, calmness and clarity about the push-pull we ALL experience as work at home mompreneurs. Mornings around here are rarely “mom of the year” contenders, and what I know for sure is that being able to be with clients, to think about things besides Mommy issues, and getting out of my mom-guilt head on a daily basis is the KEY to sanity for me! I look forward to the kids coming home after school and I love being with them then…because I have also given myself a way to express the rest of me…through my business. If I didn’t do this…I’d be less of a Mom and that, for me, is unacceptable.

    Thanks for making us all feel stronger, more confident in our choices, and more ‘normal’–even on our worst days!!

    Have a great weekend.

  2. Great vlog Lara! I’ve had a couple days like that this week. I’ve been working outside the home more and the past few day at home I’ve felt that everyone and everything has been pulling me in different directions simultaneously. I’m envious of your chair and coffee…. I’m looking forward to getting up early on Saturday to sit with my coffee by myself – no computer, no kids – to just breathe.

  3. Hey Gail–Thanks for your comments. So funny about that chair and coffee–I never take time in the morning to sit there, and it was somehow the perfect thing to do yesterday to calm down. I might have to make that a routine. I guess it’s all about finding a quiet place in your own house, which can be so hard for a mompreneur to do sometimes! My husband has a workshop in the basement, and of course the “Man Cave” (garage) where he works on his motorcycles. We moms need to claim our own little corner for a mommy timeout (as my friend Melissa calls it)! Wish we could meet for a cup of coffee together 🙂

  4. Shawn,
    Thank you for your acknowledgment. I notice that I tend to want to cover up my bad days and put on a bright, shiny, happy face to tell the world that I’m fine. And yesterday I was sooooo not fine. Funny how good it felt to just accept and allow that. And you really made me laugh at the thought of ANY school day morning in my house being an example of good motherhood. HA! Your comments and the feedback I have gotten from other moms about this vlog make all the difference. I think the two most powerful words a mom needs to hear are: “Me, too.”
    I appreciate you!

  5. Lara,

    Right on! I love that you just sat down and made a video during ‘one of those mornings’. I love seeing the Mom behind the scenes, because I’m one and I have those moments. Some times I think – if only my clients could see me now! Since most of my clients are mompreneurs too, I it’s gotten easier to laugh those thoughts off.

    Thanks for being authentic,

  6. Honestly, Sommer, I spent the first 30 years of my life showing the world the face I thought I “should” show. So it’s actually a relief to not have to work so hard to just be. Being real is much easier! Thanks for understanding me!

  7. Hi Lara… thanks so much for posting this. I love your willingness to be authentic and vulnerable… it provides so much for the rest of us. And, yes, I believe that we all have those days and those moments when we feel like we’re not good enough… so thanks for reminding me that I’m not the only one!!!

    Awesome post!

  8. And thank you, Amy. I know I sure appreciate it when someone I admire tells it like it is! My dear friend and colleague, Carley Knobloch, has an interview series and a workshop called “Perfect Moms Finish Last.” I love her, I love the series, and I love the freedom it gives us moms to accept ourselves (flaws, rants, and a few swear words later…). If you’re interested and haven’t seen it already, I highly recommend it since you work with moms, too: I appreciate you dropping by!

  9. Lara— As usual, a thoughtful, honest post that will help so many other moms feel “normal.”

    The idea that we have to love every minute of motherhood in order to be a good mom is one that leads to depression and tons of guilt for mothers. What other job or responsibility requires this of any person, man or woman? Totally unrealistic. Our quest to be happy as moms REQUIRES us to look outside motherhood for things that strengthen us and bring us joy, not the other way around.

    You’re right on target when you say that you’ll be a better mom after you’ve had some time to bring other parts of you (your creativity, business savvy) to life, and then return to your kids, energized and fulfilled.

    And thanks for mentioning The Perfect Moms Finish Last 6-Week course,, because that’s what it’s all about!

    You rock.

    .-= Carley Knobloch´s last blog ..Parenting Advice from Shel Silverstein =-.

  10. Um, so OK, LOVE the v-blog. First one I have ever seen. You look so comfy and at peace with your cuppa joe! How the heck did you find a quiet spot to work? I would have two kids hanging off me and coffee down my shirt.

    Thank you for the words of wisdom and reminding us that we are all human. I didn’t even lose my cool when my son systematically shot every single pasta against the wall when I left the room for a minute today. There is a mosaic of tomato sauce on the wall. Charming.

    .-= Shelagh´s last blog ..Feature Friday: 3 Keys to Empowered Parenting =-.

  11. What a great post! I love your honesty. Yes, we all have those days or moments when we feel out of sync with being a good mom. It’s so important to own it and take a break. Part of my mission with my empowered parenting work ( is to help parents realize that they don’t have to be perfect but also to learn how to “get it right” most of the time. And I love Carley Knobloch’s Perfect Moms Finish Last series too. Right now her interviews are my favorite thing to listen to on my iPhone when I get to the gym!

  12. Part of being a good mom is owning our “imperfection”. Children need to know it’s okay to not have a stellar day every day. Children need to know honesty is better than superficial masks and hiding behind some face persona. When we deal with obstacles and road blocks in healthy ways in front of them, we are being good moms. You are making the grade and still in the running for MOM of the Year with your honest account of a less than perfect day 🙂

  13. Lara, this vlog really resonates with me on a very personal level. One of the biggest motivators for me to leave my cushy, secure job with a government office in late 2008 was that I was having too many of “those mornings” with my children (then 3 and 5).

    Since choosing to start my own business and working from home, “I” have been happier – and so has everyone else. I feel more fulfilled personally and professionally because I am able to work on my own terms and support my children and my family in the manner that comes natural to me (hint: it doesn’t follow a 9-5 M-F schedule).

    Thank-you for your honesty. I think it’s important for women, and mothers, to have peers and mentors that lead by example in admitting that it’s okay not to be perfect!
    .-= Crystal Coleman´s last blog ..My 5 Greatest VA Resources =-.

  14. Lara,

    Thank you so much for sharing and being honest. The first time I watched this video, I turned it off because it depressed me, but then I just watched it again. I hear the message that you are telling everyone, and I couldn’t agree with you more. Several years ago, I let a business I owned ‘own’ me. The business started out great. It was a way to stay home with my children without leaving the workforce. I had the best of all worlds. Until I decided to make the business much more. At some point, I let it start running my life. I was making a ton of money, so thought it was the right thing to do. Somewhere in the middle of chaos, I realized what I was doing to myself and to my family. I immediately started to make some changes to bring the business back to what it meant to me in the beginning. It meant losing out on some of the income, but it also meant a better lifestyle for myself and my family.

    Thanks again for sharing.
    .-= Kim Reddington´s last blog ..Do You Have a Marketing Plan? =-.

  15. Thanks for sharing this, it really gave me the boost I needed right now. Plus it truly helps to know I’m not the only Mom who has one of those days. As I slowly convert my life from working for someone to working for myself I keep questioning if that’s the right thing, because I run into one of “those days” and just don’t feel like I’m cut out to by a mompreneur. But I love it and I know that when I leave my day job I will be happier and things will be better for my little ones. So again thank you!
    .-= Pepper´s last blog ..My First Monday Mingle =-.

  16. You’re welcome, Pepper! I always feel a sense of relief when I hear I’m not the only one, so I try to remember to share the challenges as well as the joys of being a mompreneur. Like anything, it has its ups and downs. Luckily, the ups greatly outweigh the downs! What is your business?

  17. Thanks so much Lara for being real about your experiences. I have had MANY of those mornings where it just seems like EVERYTHING is going wrong. But we do have to CHOOSE to continue on even in the midst of the most overwhelming times. And as a mompreneur myself, I do find a LOT of fulfillment in my work. I am so grateful to have this awesome opportunity to run my own business so I can be there more for my kids. Yeah, it is not always easy balancing it all, but as a mom, I would not trade my life for anything in the world.


  18. Dawn,

    You are such an inspiration! With all that you've been through in the last
    six months, I am always amazed by how you always focus on your priorities
    and make sure they're handled. You may not have a house, or a computer to
    work on, but you manage to take care of yourself and your FOUR babes, all
    the while being grateful. Thanks for stopping by and sharing your kind
    words. I get frustrated with the kids sometimes, but what you said is so
    true for me, too: I wouldn't trade this mompreneur life for anything.

    Thanks again!

  19. Hi Lara

    Thanks so much for “keeping it real!” As a stay at home mom (with a toddler) and an entrepreneur I know EXACTLY how you feel. I do think it's okay to have those feeling where you need a break or just some solitude.

    As moms we are constantly giving and trying to balance ourselves and our families inside of each moment. It is vital that we take time to fill ourselves back up and find our center as a woman amidst the chaos! It is only when we connect w/ our own strength and power that we can give fully to our family. Thanks for everything you are doing to empower moms!!!

    with real beauty,
    Lori Fields
    Real Beauty Is

  20. Lori–What a great comment. Love what you said about how we need to connect
    with our own strength and power in order to give more to our family. So
    true! I have been browsing around your website and love what you're teaching
    women about self-acceptance! Keep up the great work with “RealBeautyIs”!