Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-10-04

  • Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-09-27:
    Don't forget! The Powerhouse Marketers Telesummit Starts Tomorrow! .. #
  • RT @petsittingology: @mombizcoach I attended both your and Helen's teleseminars. Extraordinarily powerful. Thanks for the info. #
  • Social responsibility of entrepreneurship: As Fall approaches, many of us think of the wonderful gifts that the.. #
  • RT @mhkmarketing: I am officially a MichMoms Blogger! #momgyb ~ Congrats, Mary! Nice post! #
  • Woo hoo! Tomorrow is the "Using Twitter to Build Your Business" workshop in Royal Oak, MI. Can't wait to teach w/my #momgyb girls! #
  • ok–i've answered emails & tweets, served breakfast, made lunches, prepped dinner, done the laundry…all before 8:30am! #
  • now on the agenda: a post for my neglected blog. just wish i could type as fast as i think and talk! #
  • RT @Mommyto4@mombizcoach It's time that moms were recognized for the things we do everyday! Please share what #Mommyloveis in your home. #
  • When a Niche is Not Enough: Three Steps to Become Essential to Your Market (and Win Raving Fans for Life!) #
  • Gonna go enjoy the fresh, crisp air at the park now with the kids…Poor blog, you'll have to wait a bit longer. 🙂 #
  • Mompreneurs: Have you done everything you're supposed to do but still aren't getting enough clients? Pls RT #
  • RT @RhondaHess: @mombizcoach & I show you 3 Steps to Become Essential to Your Market on 10/1. To register: #
  • "Finding Your Niche" is the big marketing buzz-phrase right now. But just picking a niche isn't enough. @rhondahess & I explain on 10/1. #
  • Mom Biz Coach Audio Blog on Lara Galloway will air 10/29. #BlogTalkRadio #
  • Give Your Website a Personal Touch: Use these 3 tips to connect with your online customers.
    = Entrepreneur Mag #
  • WAHMs: Still struggling trying to "pick a niche"? Join @RhondaHess & me on 10/1 to figure out what your clients need. #
  • When a Niche is Not Enough: Three Steps to Become Essential to Your Market (and Win Raving Fans for Life!) #
  • Had such a fun time in the Twitter Workshop w/the #momgyb gals! Met so many cool Michigan entrepreneurs. Thx for a great morning! #
  • BlogPost = "The most beautiful things in the world…": "The most beautiful things in ..
    RT @TimeOutMom #
  • 3 Reasons Why You Should Act Like A Kid When Running Your Business via @SavorTheSuccess @CasseraComm #
  • Work-Life Balance 101: Work-life balance is elusive. We all want it, but find it difficult to achieve. Think it.. #
  • If you're an entrepreneur in a services business, this teleseminar tomorrow night is for you: #
  • How to Reach Your Target Market:

    If you’re like many of the work-at-home-moms and mompreneurs I know and coa.. #

  • How to Reach Your Target Market | Blog #
  • RT @BizMomMentor: is excited for the on line launch of Women's Information Network tomorrow! ~ Me too! It's awesome! #
  • Just posted my first ticket with my new Web Support Team. Nice to have some techie geeks to help w/my website and blog! #
  • Lovely gift from the Universe today: After finally finding the time to blog today, found draft of a fab post that needed little tweaking! #
  • RT @nicolabird: @mombizcoach did you listen to our original intervew – how to sell more than your time? #
  • Want to reach your target market? #
  • RT @themetromom: Want to get more done, in less time and have way more fun? Join me & @carlayoung on a free call tmw – #
  • RT @mikekmcclure: 12 ways businesses can use social media #
  • RT @dlachusa: A chance to support breast cancer programs & save $ #
  • RT @ChristineG: Watching @chrisbrogan vid–What I Told Them At New Media Atlanta I'm watching too! He makes great points! #
  • I would love to attend a fab workshop/conference in the South sometime this Fall/Winter. Anybody got a reco for me? Coaching/mktg/SocMedia #
  • RT @TimeOutMom: Blog Post = "The most beautiful things in the world…": "The most beautiful things in the world can.. #
  • RT @PainterMommy: Go comment on my Giveaway Post! Come check it out guys! You can win $60 to RT #
  • RT @SoulfulParent: Check out more FREE tips for parenting at #
  • When a Niche is Not Enough: 3 Steps to Become Essential to Your Market (&Win Raving Fans for Life!) w/ @rhondahess: #
  • notice we introduce "a best-selling author" not "a best-writing author"…via @adamurbanski. you have to realize ur 1st job is mktg/selling. #
  • You are in the business to solve other people's problems profitably (via @adamurbanski). Simple mindset shift that really pays off! #
  • Remember you are in two businesses: 1st is marketing your business. 2nd is delivering your product/service. (via @adamurbanski). #
  • You're welcome, @adamurbanski! #
  • If you're a service entrepreneur, figure out how to turn what you offer into a product. Make what you do tangible (via @adamurbanski). #
  • Service entrepreneurs: focus on what the OUTCOME will be when ppl take you up on your offer. This is HUGE! (via @adamurbanski) #
  • Marketing Locally? Think Globally: Thinking outside the borders can expand your customer base.
    = Entrepreneur Mag #
  • I'll be discussing How to Surround Yourself With Success on today's Audio Blog on #BlogTalkRadio Join me? #
  • RT @Ecademyva “I’ve been blessed to find people who are smarter than I am, and they help me to execute the vision I have.” Russell Simmons #
  • So I've got the theme of "Surround Yourself With Success" on the brain today. I'll be sharing some reco's of ppl smarter than me to follow! #
  • People I'm following because I perceive them to be successful: @adamurbanski @donnakozik @barefoot_exec @unmarketing @rhondahess #
  • I definitely have a lot to learn from: @steveweber @feliciaslattery @dlachusa @sethgodin @chrisbrogan #surroundsuccess #
  • Yeah, so I just created another hashtag to talk about "Surrounding Yourself With Success" = #surroundsuccess #
  • If you're following certain people SPECIFICALLY because U know they've got something to teach you about success, pls share #surroundsuccess #
  • If you're an entrepreneur in a services business, this teleseminar w/me & @rhondahess tonight is for you! #
  • So happy to finally get this blog post about finding your target market up! Would love your comments! #
  • How to Reach Your Target Market | Blog #
  • Come listen to Surround Yourself With Success–Mom Biz Coach Audio … on Lara Galloway on air now! #BlogTalkRadio #
  • When a Niche is Not Enough: 3 Steps to Become Essential to Your Market (&Win Raving Fans for Life!) w/ @rhondahess: #
  • RT @SoulfulParent: @mombizcoach Thanks Lara… just got done signing up for your fab class today!!! Register: #
  • can't wait for my call w/ @alisabow to start–she's helping a few of us aspiring authors get our books out of us! #
  • RT @NicolaRTaggart: Today I decided to let go of "should" re:exercising. Goals R great, but trying to do too much at once caused overwhelm. #
  • Surround Yourself With Success on Blog Talk Radio #
  • Listen to Surround Yourself With Success–Mom Biz Coa… on Lara Galloway anytime on BlogTalkRadio. #BlogTalkRadio #
  • Are u a business coach or life coach who is struggling even AFTER you have found your niche? Help is here! Tonite 8 pm #
  • Want to reach your target market? Register for teleseminar by me & @rhondahess tonight 8pm ET. Pls RT #
  • Want to reach your target market? @rhondahess & I give 3 simple tips in our teleseminar tonight. #
  • Please join @rhondahess & me for "When a Niche is Not Enough" @ 8p ET! 3 steps can help you attract qualified clients: #
  • RT @CoachForADHD: @mombizcoach Best advice u gave me individually & at #momgyb is to build relationships on Twitter. I have met great ppl! #
  • BlogPost = Olive Juice: After a classmate's Chuck E. Cheese birthday party today, Ame..
    = To Live Right #
  • RT @themetromom: My Post: Women In Business – Do You Underestimate Your Value? #
  • The Right Way to Respond to Media Queries: Today I’m sharing with you a guest post from a fellow member o.. #
  • Sending some loving karma to @timeoutmom today as she heads into her biggest sales event of the year today!!! Go Go Go, Mama! #
  • I'm spending some time this morning creating a PowerPoint presentation to describe my entire business to myself. What a helpful exercise! #
  • I had to create a visual snapshot of my biz so I can see all the pieces & how they fit together. Helpful when your biz is growing. #
  • Wow! It's #FF and I forgot! OK, many thanks for the shout-outs…Now let me get to work! #
  • #FF Full of heart: @cknobloch @energizedwoman @breakthruguy @rebeccatervocpa @mommagrocks @bizmommentor @daisydenims @TheChattyMomma #
  • Pls send some #FF love to newbie entrepreneurs: @MuralByMassucci @handmadebaggage @parentontrack @familiespurpose @coachforadhd @mkbytracey #
  • RT @SoulfulParent: No matter how old ur child you can take back ur parenting power 4 good.Free e-book #
  • OK, time to clean out the list…unfollowing those who aren't following me. No offense taken, just know they don't need what I offer. #
  • RT @RhondaHess: Coaches: Do you know how to identify promising markets you'll truly enjoy coaching? #
  • RT @MaryFreeland: Blog Post = Why Go Tuscan? Tuscan Home Design for Cozy, Comfortable Living and Great Style: There ar.. #
  • Another rainy day here in Canada. Will be making lots of H'ween decorations w/kiddos to keep them occupied. #
  • Tips for those who are tired of waiting for success (4 min. video): #

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