Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-09-27

  • Don't forget! The Powerhouse Marketers Telesummit Starts Tomorrow! #
  • Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-09-20:
    Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-09-13:
    Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-0.. #
  • Up Next in the WoMEN: What Mom Entrepreneurs Need Teleseminar Series: Julie Lenzer Kirk 9/22 @ 12pm ET! #
  • Mompreneurs: All the learning you've done as a parent can help you manage your biz. Find out how: #
  • RT @MaryFreeland: This iron wall grille has amber medallion accents that really make it stand out. ~ This is beautiful! #
  • RT @mhkmarketing: Fabulous MEGAmoms meetng last night. RU growing YOUR business? Mom Entrepreneurs rock #momgyb #
  • RT @Mels_World: RT @TimeOutMom: Hey #momgyb – tweeters – twitter parties are great place to meet like minded people! #
  • Mompreneurs: If you're avail @ 1pm ET M-F this week, take advantage of this free telesummit on building your brand: #
  • RT @RhondaHess Cooking up something really juicy and delicious with @mombizcoach coming soon to all you service entrepreneur peeps #
  • You know what's really great? Getting to collaborate with my own coach, @rhondahess, to create fun stuff. Love my coach! #
  • You’re a Brand. So What Message Are You Sending?: Many of us live with the idea that we should not care what oth.. #
  • Thx @organizedaily for the RT on this excellent article from Del Williams. More on branding this week: (free telesummit) #
  • Julie Lenzer Kirk (@YourBoot) shares how the your child-raising expertise translates to business acumen 9/22 @ 12p ET. #
  • BlogPost = "You can learn many things from your children…": "You can learn many thing..
    RT @TimeOutMom #
  • Think you lost all your smarts when you became a mom? Not so, says Julie Lenzer Kirk. Learn how motherhood helps ur biz: #
  • I'm not gonna lie, tweeple…It has been a DAY! Focusing on the calm, peace, harmony I WANT to exist in my house… Focus, focus, focus! #
  • Mom Biz Coach Audio Blog on Lara Galloway will air 10/22. #BlogTalkRadio #
  • Blog Post = Manic Monday Mama Working Out until I Drop: Whoah Mama! What was I thinkin..
    RT @TimeOutMom #
  • Applying Your Parenting Smarts to Biz–WoMEN Teleseminar Series w/Julie Lenzer Kirk & Lara Galloway today @ Noon! #
  • Tune in at Noon ET! Applying Your Parenting Smarts to Your Biz show on #BlogTalkRadio #
  • Moms: Do you remember the "haze of motherhood" that happens right after you have a baby? How long did it last for you? #
  • I had my third child almost three years ago. Sometimes I still feel like I'm affected by the haze of motherhood. Not today, thankfully! #
  • What skills have you learned from motherhood that you now apply to your business? #
  • Come listen to Applying Your Parenting Smarts to Biz–Part XII in t… on Lara Galloway on air now! #BlogTalkRadio #
  • How is growing your biz like raising your children? Think: planning, development, passion, little sleep, eventual independence from you. #
  • Come listen to Applying Your Parenting Smarts to Biz–w/guest @YourBoot Julie L Kirk on air now! #BlogTalkRadio #
  • Great lesson learned from motherhood & also good for biz: being able to say No! Learning to set your own limits. #
  • RT @Maven_JWil: Listening to @MomBizCoach Blog Talk Radio Show-Why do we focus on the negative so much? Focus on the positive today!! #
  • RT @vibabyfair: V true! RT @mombizcoach Great lesson learned from motherhood & good 4 biz: being able to say No! Learn to set ur own limits. #
  • RT @Kidlutions: RT @mombizcoach: Great lesson learned from motherhood & good 4 biz: being able to say No! Learn to set ur own limits>>Amen! #
  • Listen to Applying Your Parenting Smarts to Biz–Part… on Lara Galloway anytime on BlogTalkRadio. #BlogTalkRadio #
  • Hey there, tweeps! I'm in back-to-back calls today doing coaching & twitter profile reviews…Not much time to tweep. Will catch up soon! #
  • RT @PainterMommy: @mombizcoach Hey, do you ever need anyone to do Twitter backgrounds for your clients? ~When I do, I'll send 'em to you! #
  • RT @Blue_Collar_U: @mombizcoach From a parents perspective on bizness, letting kids & employees fail sometimes, so they learn to recover. #
  • RT @YourBoot: Thanks to @mombizcoach for a fun interview! Check out her show on #blogtalkradio! ~ You're most welcome. Thank you, Julie! #
  • RT @Maven_JWil: RT @PoshMom Study: Moms Use Facebook & Twitter More Than Average Adults (via @techxav) #
  • RT @Maven_JWil: "If ur not making mistakes, ur not taking enough risks.">Great quote by Julie Lenzer Kirk from @MomBizCoach BTR show #
  • Hey mompreneurs: Can you send some follower love to @Maven_JWil? She's one of those awesome followers who pays-it-forward constantly. #
  • RT @JudyHWright: @mombizcoach Thx 4 inviting everyone to focus on positive. Need help? Claim free book at #
  • RT @HelenCoronato: @mombizcoach Can't wait for ur Teleclass Wed. on using TWITTER to build ur brand! #
  • WAHMs: Tomorrow I share how I use twitter to build my brand. Free call 1pm ET. Wanna learn? #
  • Dang. I copied the link wrong! Here's how to learn about Building Your Brand with Twitter! #
  • I got bombarded with messages that the link I sent out about Using Twitter to Build Your Brand was broken. Try this! #
  • RT @rhondahess: Coaches, join The Coach Exchange TV Wed 9/23 noon ET to hear interview about choosing a niche market #
  • RT @amyholding: @mombizcoach Looking 4ward to hearing your interview with @helecoronato tomorrow! #
  • RT @TimeOutMom: @mombizcoach – yes, i did write a blog post with our afterschool routine by the half hour 🙂 #gno #omx #
  • Why the Self-employed Hate Their Boss: I was at a conference a few months ago and the topic of bosses came up. O.. #
  • 5 superstar marketers reveal their action plans to business growth! #MMB2009 #
  • Mompreneurs: Just 20 min. until I share how to Build Your Brand w/Twitter: #MMB2009 Pls. join us for the free call! #
  • A new teleclass: When a Niche Is Not Enough–How to Become Essential to Your Market on 10/1 w/Rhonda Hess. – #
  • Growing Green Revenues: How alligning value with values can win sales in the office supply in..
    = Entrepreneur Mag #
  • RT @goodlifediva: Moms, feel like you've lost your identity? Do u know what makes YOU come alive? #
  • RT @Blue_Collar_U: I like this idea! RT @WriteAdvantage: Be playful when you work. Be a workafrolic, not a workaholic. #
  • RT @dlachusa: "There is no failure. We’re either winning or we’re learning." From my dear friend & business partner down under, Lynda Dyer #
  • My challenge for you today: Contact someone you admire and brainstorm a way to collaborate. Why not? #
  • Thanks to @nicolabird for inspiring me to remind others to collaborate. Esp. when competition seems stiff…look to work together! #
  • Listen live in one hour to Mom Biz Coach Audio Blog on Lara Galloway. #BlogTalkRadio #
  • RT @nicolabird: more competition in the coaching market? how will you stand out? #
  • Listen anytime to: Creating a Marketing Plan for Twitter on The Mom Biz Coach Show: #
  • RT @MaruxaMurphy: @mombizcoach Hey! Love your work – just posted a few of ur articles in pub. sec. of my site: #
  • Looks like I've found at least two more cool people to collaborate with! The calendar is getting full of fun projects with new friends. #
  • 2yo dd's idea of giving: "Mom, I got this candy for you." "Really, for me? You're so sweet!" "Yep, and now I'm gonna eat it!" #
  • Tired of Trading Hours for Dollars? Learn to Leverage: As entrepreneurs we have a choice: we can work long, har.. #
  • Learn From Your Mistakes : When ignored, even small mishaps can have major consequences.
    = Entrepreneur Mag #
  • RT @SqueezeItIn: @TimeOutMom We're singing ur praises 2night! Gals: @momgyb @mombizcoach & @timeoutmom R terrific resources/good peeps. #
  • "Are you leading your life or following it?" (via I usually like to lead it, but today, I'm gonna follow. On purpose. #
  • My trusty business advisors: @rhondahess @timeoutmom @mhkmarketing @nicolartaggart #FF #
  • Women with amazing vision #FF: @manifestingmama @jodellapenna @dlachusa @maruxamurphy @TMECoopShop @goodlifediva @TheMogulMom @themetromom #
  • Coll moms in business: @kidlutions @rbuscemi @maryfreelan @maryellenrowe @momgyb @christineG @amandapadgett @soulfulparent @momcoach #
  • Great pay-it-forward practicioners: @squeezeitin @karmelpub @origcouponcoach @coachforadhd @elizabethachung @vanEMN @cknobloch @power_of_M #
  • Awesome men to #FF @mikekmcclure @blue_collar_u @BreakThruGuy @mmwine @garyvee #
  • Mom Biz Coach Audio Blog on Lara Galloway will air 10/27. #BlogTalkRadio #

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