Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-09-13

  • Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-09-06:
    Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-08-30:
    Equal Parts Planning and Inspirat.. #
  • Lessons from Rock Stars: Last month, to celebrate our oldest son turning 12, we headed to Nissan Pavilion in Bri.. #
  • Tomorrow on my BTR show @StaceyKann is sharing 7 free strategies that helped her grow her business and how it can help you too! #
  • Find out what @StaceyKann means by "Google footprint" tomorrow on my Blog Talk Radio show! #
  • BlogPost = "To be a mother is to move outside oneself,…": "To be a mother is to move ..
    RT @TimeOutMom #
  • Reading: @dlachusa's book "The Career-at-Home Mom" — it's fabulous! You've done a great job, Debbie! Thanks for sending it! #
  • Find out what networking sites are a must to grow your business! @StaceyKann is my guest on WoMEN Teleseminar Series: #
  • Tomorrow @StaceyKann shares her free strategies to help others grow their business without spending any money! #
  • A great mompreneur with a great new radio show! @staceykann: Good stuff! #
  • OMG–I love these kid blankets by @admiralroad:
    Gorgeous! #
  • Mom Biz Coach Audio Blog on Lara Galloway will air 10/08. #BlogTalkRadio #
  • Today @StaceyKann shares how to elevate your platform and become the expert using networking tools at 12 pm #
  • Starting now! @StaceyKann shares her free strategies to help others grow their business without spending any money! #
  • Come listen to Finding It for Free–Part XI of WoMEN Teleseminar Se… on Lara Galloway on air now! #BlogTalkRadio #
  • Live with @staceykann right now on my BTR show…talking about free resources for mompreneurs. Join us! #
  • Doesn't matter ur industry, product, or business–single most imp thing 4 ur biz is networking ~ via @staceykann live on Mom Biz Coach now! #
  • Mompreneurs: look for ways to collaborate with your "competitors" rather than stay distant from them…create more biz! #
  • Listen to Finding It for Free–Part XI of WoMEN Teles… on Lara Galloway anytime on BlogTalkRadio. #BlogTalkRadio #
  • I love @dlachusa's book "Career-at-Home-Mom". Get your free copy at I'm learning so much! #
  • RT @StaceyKann: Thanks for a fabulous show @Mombizcoach – What a fun show filled with some great ideas! #
  • RT @cknobloch: Collaborating w/amazing mom coaches on a fabulous call hosted by @mombizcoach. I am SO on the same page with you guys! #
  • I am simply grateful 4 the fabulous group of mom coaches who joined our Mastermind today. It's clear that we are gonna learn a lot together! #
  • RT @momcoach: mompreneurs- 5min stress-busters: listen to iPod, deep-breathe,pet cat/ dog,close eyes &relax, smell flowers, listen to jokes. #
  • RT @bizziemommy: Have you read this week's mompreneur interview with the creators of Boomi’s Beads – #
  • RT @mhkmarketing: U know your dh works too much when he says "Re: this evening, send me an email with ur thoughts & I'll look into it" LOL! #
  • Another brilliant post by @alisabow: How Not to Win An Argument | Project Happily Ever After #
  • RT @MomGYB: School Tip: Grab school folder out of back pack 1st thing when ur kid comes home. You'll know what's up & what needs 2 be done! #
  • BlogPost = Jon & Kate, my take: What do the Gosselins from Jon & Kate Plus 8 have ..
    = To Live Right #
  • RT @Blue_Collar_U: Need a recommendation for GREAT PIZZA in San Diego. Any ideas? #
  • RT @cknobloch: Blog post: WAHM Survival Guide tips and must-haves from @cknobloch and @smartyamy #
  • RT @nicolabird: Got so many great questions coming in for @hannahmcnamara for our call on Thurs: take a look! #
  • RT @themetromom: New blog post: The Story Behind My Confusing Relationship with Money #
  • BlogPost = One red bird: Ok, so I made a few "changes" with my blog. It all started wh..
    = To Live Right #
  • RT @savorthesuccess Savor the Success Founders – How I Got on TV and Media Training #
  • BlogPost = After School Routines – Do you have one? – Here's Mine !: The
    RT @TimeOutMom #
  • I'm so sick of positive parenting I think I could puke. Do I need to provide an explanation? #
  • Mompreneurs: 5 min. video: How to Land Your First (or Next) Client–by Lara Gallloway, The Mom Biz Coach: #
  • RT @TimeOutMom: I donated Moms Rock Shirts to Moms Rock the Economy Launch Party = Sept. 17th (8pm EST) , #MomsRock #
  • Blog Post = Twitter to Grow Your Business: "Turn Strangers into Friends.Turn Friend..
    = Mom Entrepreneu #
  • Here is Your Follow Up from Stacey Kannenberg #
  • RT @SteveWeber: @mombizcoach been real busy here…finally got finished ~ Great SEO help from Steve! #
  • RT @debbiepokornik: @mombizcoach Lara you are a gem! Thanks so much for helping me understand how to really navigate this Twitterworld. #
  • RT @melindarunkle: FB RT: Chris Runkle -Feed your faith, and your fears will starve to Death. Amen. #
  • RT @MaryFreeland: Modern Bedding: Fun duvet and pillow shams for a dorm room or student apartment. Cute back2school idea #
  • RT @ChristineG: What are YOUR biggest questions about social media for business? Let me know… #
  • RT @AmandaPadgett: RT @infoimp: "Wise men speak because they have something to say; Fools because they have to say something." #
  • RT @AmandaPadgett @workingmoms: social site 4 kids ages 5-15-blogging, games, educational sites, groups, #
  • RT @MomGYB: @bchesnutt – yeah, i signed up for twitter & linked in &then cancelled after 2 weeks & @mombizcoach dragged me back to twitter! #
  • WAHMs–Pls tune in! Six Signs a Mompreneur Biz Is Headed for Failure Audio Blog on #BlogTalkRadio #
  • RT @debbiepokornik: @mombizcoach @christineg Anyone looking for friendly helpful ideas to navigate better in Twitter check out these ladies. #
  • Come listen to Mom Biz Coach Audio Blog on Lara Galloway on air now! #BlogTalkRadio #
  • Had so much fun giving @debbiepokornik a Twitter Profile Review today. Love sharing my strategy for using twitter for my business! #
  • Listen to Mom Biz Coach Audio Blog on Lara Galloway anytime on BlogTalkRadio. #BlogTalkRadio #
  • Just finished a group coaching call–awesome to see how much ground these mompreneurs have covered in a few short months! #
  • Remember when you're setting goals to create some milestones (smaller goals) along the way. You have to be able to see your progress! #
  • RT @organizedhome: @mombizcoach Here is the link! Next week is the big debut for The Organized Home Radio Show. #
  • The Myth of the Magical Million Dollar Company: There is a myth circulating and it troubles me. I want to mitiga.. #
  • RT @Blue_Collar_U: Sometimes you just have to choose a path and go down the damned thing. (Truer words have never been spoken!) #
  • RT @ eweniqueamy Sale & Grand Re-Opening! F 9-8pm S 9-5pm 20% off all in-stock yarn & fiber!! Come see our beautiful BIG shop! #
  • You Can’t Afford to Skip Reviews: It’s critical to hold employees to high performance standar..
    = Entrepreneur Mag #
  • #FF: @mikekmcclure for his creative approach to Social Media and Social networking in the Detroit Metro area. He's a mover & shaker! LPG in reply to mikekmcclure #
  • RT @mhkmarketing: @royaloakchamber Great coffee & convos this morning. I enjoyed meeting SO MANY of my fellow chamber members! #RoyalOak #
  • RT @nicolabird: recommending coaches read @hannahmcnamara book niche marketing for coaches #
  • RT @ginaparris: RT@OrigCouponCoachMy favorite teachers @TheMogulMom @mombizcoach @BizMomMentor #FollowFriday #
  • Fab mompreneurs to follow today #FF: @origcouponcoach, @aspainhower, @amandapadgett, @themogulmom, @timeoutmom, @mhkmarketing #
  • BlogPost = Run local, shop local: Ahhh….Monday is already almost a memory and here I..
    = To Live Right #
  • RT @melindarunkle: Fav women making a difference #FF @mombizcoach @SuzanneEvans @claudinestruck @RealLifeE @TheMetroMom @dlachusa #
  • Rockin' women I'm happy to work with: @rbuscemi, @melindarunkle, @maryfreeland, @cknobloch, @momcoach, @nicolartaggart, @timeoutmom #FF #
  • RT @nicolabird: Tip: must have book 4 coaches: Multiple Streams Of Coaching Income by @andreajlee ~ I have / love it! #
  • RT @Jill_Christ: @mombizcoach Know any working moms who need to access their office PC from home? Contact @Jill_Christ #
  • Good morning, Saturday. You should be able to fix the crazy week this was (and the wine & Indian food I had for dinner last night). #
  • RT @Blue_Collar_U: RT @DivineMissWhite: "3 Things Executives Fear About Social Media' #
  • Gearing up to bake some banana bread this morning. Anyone have a favorite recipe? Want to try smthg new. #
  • How, When and Why to Say NO for Mompreneurs (5 Min. Coaching video) #
  • RT @vibabyfair: Looking forward to being on @RealParenting tomorrow to chat about #VIBF & SavvyMom nomination! Pls Vote! #
  • BlogPost = Not buying it: Part of the reason I created this blog was to tell people ab..
    = To Live Right #
  • Mom Biz Coach Audio Blog on Lara Galloway will air 10/13. #BlogTalkRadio #
  • It's a sunny day, my kids are all snuggled around me on the couch, hubby sleeping in, and I get a girls' day out today w/a dear friend. Yay! #
  • Spent the night last night browsing wordpress theme. @cknobloch is making me consider moving my entire site to WP (not just my blog). #
  • Whew! Feeling great since I finally got something done that's been on my to-do list for too long. What to-do's can you knock out today? #

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