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    Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-0.. #
  • Don't miss the next guest in my WoMEN Teleseminar series @tracibisson Thurs. 8/6 @ 12:0) p.m. #
  • RT @CourageCoach: RT: Moms: would u like more energy 4 your day, less stress impact, & looser fitting clothes? Pls RT! #
  • Hey mom biz owners in Metro Detroit / Windsor: Don't get twitter? The @MomGYB Get-it-done workshop will help! Pls RT #
  • Woo hoo! My gals @mhkmarketing & @timeoutmom and I have our first live twitter workshop open for registration! Come on! #
  • A great writer, a great mom: @momspark: Why I Created Mom Spark – #
  • Come listen to Mom Biz Coach Audio Blog on Lara Galloway on air now! #BlogTalkRadio #
  • Listen to Mom Biz Coach Audio Blog on Lara Galloway anytime on BlogTalkRadio. #BlogTalkRadio #
  • Check this video out — Lost Generation
    Gave me chills! #
  • just realized i left the groceries in the car. yeah, that was six hours ago. um. guess i'll need some more stuff. #
  • Very excited that my awesome group of mom entrepreneur coaches wants to continue our coaching! We create lots of cool stuff together. #
  • Had a great call w/ @pajamaspr today. I love what she does and am excited to have her help us mompreneurs with PR! #
  • Traci Bisson @tracibisson will share her expert strategies for creating community both online and offline 8/6 @ 12:0) p.m. #
  • I couldn't live without the supportive community I've built–family, friends, neighbors, other mompreneurs, playdate buddies…& tweeple! #
  • OMG–Just found Barefoot Contessa Recipe for Blueberry Crumbcake: Will help since I have 50 lb of fresh picked berries! #
  • Getting ready to bake w/kids. I have a few work items, then play & swim. Got the mompreneur work/family rhythm goin' on today! #
  • Learn from @tracibisson about how and where to look to find a community of mompreneurs Thurs. 8/6 @ 12:0) p.m. #
  • RT @smoothsale: Most entrepreneurs fall down on the follow-up – it is critical to keep the momentum up! (via @Blue_Collar_U) #
  • Don't miss the next guest in my WoMEN Teleseminar series @tracibisson tomorrow @ 12:00 p.m. #
  • Mompreneurs need all the help we can get! Learn from @tracibisson about communities that can help! Tomorrow @ 12:00 p.m. #
  • Want Your Mom Biz Question Answered?: I can honestly say that I never planned on being a radio show host, but it.. #
  • Come listen to How to Build Your Mompreneur Community w/Traci Bisso… on Lara Galloway on air now! #BlogTalkRadio #
  • Mompreneurs: are you a member of an online group or community for mom entrepreneurs? #
  • Listen to How to Build Your Mompreneur Community w/Tr… on Lara Galloway anytime on BlogTalkRadio. #BlogTalkRadio #
  • Blog Post = Running Log – Ran 34:44 Today: Running Log – Ran 34:44 TodayI went to bed ..
    RT @TimeOutMom #
  • Rubbing the head of my boomerang 2.5 yo daughter, who wants to sleep in my bed tonight. Harumph. So much for my podcasting plans 2nite. #
  • Totally enjoyed my conversations with @nicolartaggart, @momgyb, @timeoutmom, @mhkmarketing today. Fab mompreneurs helping moms! #
  • RT @businessforgood: i woke up this morning after having dreamed i was already "there". it's the best place to start the day! ~ I like this! #
  • OK, time to do my intro podcast for–I have a new show called "Mom Biz Makeover"… Should be fun! #
  • "If better is to come, good must stand aside." –Carl Jung #
  • Hubby is away on business tonight. Feel like I'm playing hooky staying up late to get some work done. But the quiet is so nice…….. #
  • #FF New tweeple passionate about their work: @oldhousepassion, @businessforgood, @justwhatiwant. Send 'em some love! #
  • Only trouble with staying up late to get things done is that my three little roosters still crow at 6:30am… yawn. #
  • Just read
    by @paintermommy. Great tips! #
  • Good idea for couples: Make a list of things that make you feel loved & trade lists with your partner. Do 1 item/day for ea. other. #
  • Today I'm busy working on my membership site that will launch in September. Will be a great community for the mompreneurs I coach! #
  • Wishing I was at the Farmer's Market in Windsor listening to my gal, @handmadegirl (Karen Morand) singing her tunes. Alas, rain. #
  • Some may wonder why I podcast in the closet. But mom entrepreneurs know why 🙂 #
  • RT @socialchirp: All those who believe in psychokinesis raise my hand.- Steven Wright LOL! #
  • Wow–it's raining so hard today, I think I actually see the grass growing. Now you know why I'm on twitter on a Saturday. #
  • Guaranteed to get me present and clear: "Mom, I love you." When spoken by my kids, makes me feel like I can move mountains. #
  • Nice to have a dad helping in the parenting advice/mentoring world: @more4kidstoday rocks! #
  • Just listed myself at in ZIP/Postal District N0R-1A0. List yourself to find (and get found by) tweeps near you! #
  • Join The Mom Entrepreneur Support Group and network w hundreds of women.Membership is free ~Love it! #
  • Just added myself to the twitter directory under: #mompreneur #businesscoach #momentrepreneur #
  • A day late: #FollowFriday @tracibisson @TimeOutMom @YRJewelryGal @NameYourTuneCDs @rbuscemi @pajamaspr #
  • #FollowFriday @MomGYB @victoriakamm @goodlifediva @PainterMommy @mhkmarketing @circus_clown #
  • #FollowFriday @Alisabow @indiebizchicks @businessforgood @rhondahess @more4kidstoday @amilya #
  • What I'm avoiding while playing w/twitter: configuring my membership site, writing chapter titles for my ebook, uploading recent podcasts. #
  • RT @MarketLikeAChik: Move beyond, "what are my options" and ask "what are the possiblities" says @ValerieYoung #Wildfire09 #
  • Mompreneurs: Do U make it easy for people to promote U? Are U using twitthis, addthis, & other social bookmarking tools on ur blog/website? #
  • RT @eweniqueamy: big news…Ewe-nique Knits is expanding! store will soon be an addt'l 1000 sq ft! to be complete by 9/1/09! ~Yahoo for U! #
  • Good night, tweeps. Enjoy the rest of your weekend. #
  • Are you using twitter as a business tool? If so, how? How do you determine whether or not it's an effective tool? #
  • If you're using twitter for business, what do you want from it? Leads? Buying customers? JVs? Research the competition? What else? #

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