Mompreneurs: Focus on Buyer, Not Your Product

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The longer I am in the world of entrepreneurship, the more I am realizing that it is not the “business idea” that makes most mompreneurs successful.

In fact, it is quite easy to research a market and either find or create a product or service to meet a need in the market. The tough part is figuring out how to rise about the noise, get your customers to buy from you and then get them to refer you.

It is natural to focus so much on the product or service you are providing. But, when I started focusing more on the buyer of the product or service, my businesses started selling more and started creating a much higher buyer experience for my customers. And this meant a lot more revenue!

cash-money-in-hand-main_FullSo, how do you focus on your buyer? I took the advice of a well known marketer- David Meerman Scott and I actually create Buyer Personas for my products and services.

I think about what they look like, how old they are, how they think, what they care about and what process the go through when they are searching out what I provide? Sometimes I even give them a name and think of a visual person for each persona as this really helps in my marketing.

One thing that helped me to figure this out was thinking about my kids. When you shop for something your child needs or wants, you are always thinking about that specific child. . . his or her personality, needs, emotions and what would be the best fit for that child.

You are not making decisions in a vacuum by just looking at the line by line features and other components of a product or service. You are always thinking about what resonates with your child.

In your business, you are on the opposite side of the equation but your prospects are the child in the same thought process.

Once I started doing this, the marketing on my websites changed. Instead of talking about the features of my products and services, I started to talk in their language and address their needs and wants.

And the result was phenomenal. Now, every time I start a new business, I do this and it governs every communication I have with prospects and customers. And, I find that this one shift in perspective has allowed me to short cut an otherwise very long process of trying to differentiate myself from other competitors and businesses.

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