How Moms Really Help Moms

A few hours ago, I completed a survey about my experience of being a mom entrepreneur for a woman who is writing a book on that topic. I was inspired to write this post after I answered one of the 30+ questions. The question went something like this:

“How much time do you spend talking to other mom entrepreneurs?”

women and friendship mom biz coachAnd the options ranged from: “I have a great group of mom entrepreneur friends with whom I connect on a regular basis” to “I don’t know anyone else who is a mom entrepreneur.”

I realized just how grateful I am to be one of those women who has a ton of mompreneur friends all around me. Honestly, there are many days that go by when I feel like the world will end if I can’t pick up the phone and speak to one of the fabulous friends who support me. And because they are also moms who, like me, are running their own businesses while being the primary caretakers of their children, I don’t have to explain myself at all. They simply GET me. I can start talking/laughing/crying and they just patiently wait and listen and understand.The support I get from this group of amazing women in my life is a lifeline for me.

Moms really help moms when we support each other. The world is a better place when somebody else understands us and asks (or just figures out) what she can do to help.

I can’t end this post without saying thanks to a dear friend who is, without question, one of the strongest advocates for moms supporting moms in the world:  Melissa Lierman, a.k.a. @timeoutmom on twitter, and the genius behind the website. Wanna see her in action? Follow her on twitter and watch how she works. She is a model twitizen. There aren’t many people you meet who delight in simply helping others. She’s also the mastermind behind #momsrunning on twitter, and she chronicles her Moms Running virtual support group on her blog:

Yep–She’s so great that she deserves a whole blogpost dedicated to her. Actually, she deserves many more.

Thanks, Melissa, for all you do to serve moms!

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