Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-06-21

  • Seems like this blog post about moms needing to take care of themselves really resonated w/a lot of moms! Pls RT #
  • just ate the first home-grown strawberry of the season. luscious. my kids are having fun picking more of them in our garden. #
  • RT @ business901 I love a list like this. Writing creates clarity & blogging gives us an opportunity to write for others: #
  • RT @SteveWeber "How To Reach Your Target Market" – Written by one of twitter's WAHM Superstars…@mombizcoach #
  • big shout-out to @shawnafennell: she really knows her yahoo store stuff and isn't afraid to help others do the same!!! #
  • RT @MizFitOnline love being a mother some days. Daughter just read me Brown Bear capped off w/a random but appreciated: Mama I love my body. #
  • Mompreneurs: Are there places in your life or your biz where you're pretending to be smthg you're not? #
  • When I 1st launched my website< I used the "royal we" to seem bigger than I was. Much happier just being me… #
  • Oh yes. Just made strawberry shortcake. From scratch. With strawberries from the garden. Whipped the cream myself. Summerrrrrrrr…. #fb #
  • WAHMs: I'm considering adding an online coaching option to my services for around $75/mo. Would this interest you? Why/why not? #
  • Remember that Bill Cosby episode: "Dad is great! Give us some chocolate cake!" Served leftover strawberry shortcake for bfast today. 🙂 #
  • As promised, … #
  • Mompreneurs: I'm considering offering an online version of my coaching program for ~$75/mo. Would this interest you? Why or why not? #
  • Reading: "Does Your Website Speak to Your Readers?" ( #
  • Hey there, folks! Can you send my new colleague @MaryFreeland some twitter love? She's a newbie here & a fab mompreneur. Pls RT! #
  • Reading: " How to Reach Your Target Market" ( #
  • So what do you think? Are you compelled to do biz with someone who has "About Me" page vs "About Us"? Does # of employees matter to you? #
  • Many thanks to fab supporting women @sherryayn, @sophiezo, @va4hire, @Kdpartakfor, @nameyourtuneCDs for a warm welcome to @MaryFreeland! #
  • Bedtime here in Gallowayland. nnniiiiigggghhhhhhttttt {{yawns}} #
  • Anybody having trouble with feedburner? Since google bought it, I haven't gotten any new subscribers…What's going on? #
  • RT @WAHMoms WAHM TIP:When your spouse is helpful, be sure to say thanks. ~So simple, so important. #
  • This was a fun Audio Blog to do today: #
  • RT @Blue_Collar_U You GUYS that are smart, have lots of talent but aren't making $ U want – LISTEN RT @mombizcoach #
  • Do you want to Work Less, Make More? #
  • Do you want to Work Less, Make More? – June 23rd at 12:00pm ET #
  • “How to Automate Your Business to Attract Thousands of Ideal Clients.” #

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