My video business card. . .What do you think?

It’s time to get over being camera-shy, right? I’d love to know what you think of my first video project… It’s 2 1/2 minutes long.


Many thanks to Ryan Koral of for his great work, and to my dear friend, Karen Morand, for her help with the kids and unending support for me!

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  1. Congratulations, Lara! I’m so excited for you and your first video project. Wow, you are so inspiring; your courage makes me want to take a leap and do something that is brand new for me and my business!

    I especially liked the black-and-white at the beginning and at the end, as well as the music and the scenes with the kids.

    Your passion for what you do and your desire to help mom entrepreneurs comes through so clearly.

    Just an amazing video! I’m so honored to know you.


  2. Thanks so much, Amy! I have really enjoyed riding the wave of new/unknown/unpredictable opportunities that I’ve been on lately. I’m so glad it resonates with you. The most fun was having my kids in the video with me (only wish I could have had my oldest, Charlie, there too, but he had to go to school…). What brand new thing is on the horizon for you? Any way I can support you? I’ll leave you with a great quote: “Some people ask ‘Why?’ I ask ‘Why not?’” Go for it!!!

  3. Wow Lara! That was fantastic! How wonderful to have the kids there and really drive the point home that you can have both; a thriving career and be a fantastic mom:)Truly inspiring and I twitter-ed it, facebook-ed it, friendfeed-ed it everywhere!



  4. Seriously, how many different ways can I say thank you? You are the best VA (and friend, mom entrepreneur, mom-extraordinaire, etc.) EVER! I’m so lucky to have your support! Happy Mother’s Day!

  5. Wow–Thanks so much, Christine! All the marketing gurus I follow (including you) have been advocating the use of video to allow people to know us better. That’s my intention with the video business card. I had fun making it!

  6. Great, inspiring video for Dad’s too!!! If that was your first video you are really good at this video biz already.

    All the Best,


  7. Thanks so much, David! I am thrilled the video resonated with you as a dad. I’m sure your family is lucky to have a dad who wants his business to allow him to have more quality time with his family.