Baby steps for mompreneurs to create a business plan

Have you been putting off writing your business plan?biz-plan-graphic

Are you thinking that only “big businesses” looking for funding need to develop plans?

Or maybe you’re so stressed out, overwhlemed and busy that you can’t handle any sort of plan since you’re so busy putting out fires.

Well, any of these options makes you a very normal mom entrepreneur. But it’s hard to underestimate the value of having a plan for your business. Think focus. Think milestones. Think actions that actually lead to results. Think about finally getting what you want in life, rather than running as fast as you can from work to sporting events to client meetings to the dinner table.

I just interviewed Melodie Lane of the One Page Business Plan Company on my Blog Talk Radio show, and she shared several simple ideas and great resources to help mom entrepreneurs create a business plan that includes all aspects of their lives and business.

You can listen to the show, which is part of my WoMEN: What Mom Entrepreneurs Need teleseminar series, here.

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  1. Thanks, Peter. I think lots of entrepreneurs, women and men alike, are letting various hang-ups get in the way of creating a plan and then working the plan. The crazy thing is the freedom having a plan provides. I appreciate your help spreading the word.

  2. Hi, Lara,

    I was just meandering around the web and found your website…which led me to you blog…etc. I am a certified One Page Business Plan consultant and I work, almost exclusively, with women in solo businesses. Many of my clients are in direct sales party plan businesses. I offer free teleseminars demonstrating the value and benefits of the One Page Business Plan and participants leave the meeting with a unique and empowering VISION for their business. The next class is Sept 1, 5pm Pacific time and registration is accepted on the web site.

    Feel free to pass this info along to your network and let me know how I might be supportive in the future.

    Thanks. Pat Mathews, Certified Life Coach and Small Business Advisor.

  3. Thanks so much for your post. It’s so terrific to be able to help ambitious women business owners to get rid of overwhelm and replace it with excitement, passion and profits!

    Maria Marsala
    Licensed One Page Business Plan Consultant (since 2003) … and former Wall Street Trader

  4. Maria, Thanks for your comment. I fell in love with the One Page Business Plan back in 2008 and have been using it for myself and with my clients ever since. I am fortunate to have interviewed Melodie Lane, National Marketing Manager for OPBP, twice on my WoMEN: What Mom Entrepreneurs Need Teleseminar Series, and am reading through the new copy of the OPBP for Women In Business. Love it! In a nutshell, I’m a big fan of Jim Horan and the OPBP Company.