Three little personalities

OK, this post is nothing but an unabashed Mom bragging about her beautiful kids. My new friend, neighbor, and professional photographer Jayme Morrison stopped by yesterday to test out her new camera on my three subjects. Here are some of the results. Many thanks, Jayme!!!




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  1. The title you gave this post really does describe each photo well! My favorite has to be the middle photo. The look on his face and the pose he’s in made me smile.

    Your kids are absolutely adorable and your neighbor did a wonderful job capturing those moments! 😀

  2. Thanks, Jessie! It was a pleasure “meeting” you in the GNO last night. I’ll get that chocolate ganache cookie recipe posted on my blog later today.

  3. Great photos! Hope to see y’all in person before much more time slips by! Hey, is it really warm enough there to be out in the back yard? It’s cold here in Georgia. Also, Are those tomato vines aginst the fence in the background? Talk to you soon. Have agreat Thanksgiving!

  4. Hey Andude! I didn’t know you were out there reading my blog!

    It’s not warm here anymore. We had a day of sun a couple of weeks ago, and my neighbor, who is a photographer, needed to try out her new camera. Yes, the dead, scraggly brown things in the background were tomatoes…

    Wishing you, your bride and your family a wonderful Thanksgiving. Why don’t y’all plan a trip up here soon and we can have a snowball fight?