Can I get a little inspiration, please?!!!

There are a lot of people out there who are a lot scared right now about how things are looking in the economy. And no doubt: once a person gets scared, more and more scary things start showing up.

I’m excited to continue sharing good news that’s happening to some great mom entrepreneurs right now. If we continue to look for what we can celebrate, what is working, what IS possible, then a lot of amazing mom biz owners will get the recognition and support they need and deserve.

Please read the attached blog post below from a new friend and colleague, Traci Bisson, who runs The Mom Entrepreneur as well as her own PR and marketing firm. Traci is doing a phenomenal job in her own ventures and is celebrating other mom biz owners who are committed to doing the same. Traci is looking for stories from mom entrepreneurs who are “making lemonade from lemons”, and will highlight them in an upcoming blogpost.

Want to know more, or have a suggestion for Traci? Read below.

The Mom Entrepreneur to recognize inspirational women

by Traci Bisson

Blog will highlight 30 “lemonade from lemons” stories in 30 days

Barrington, NH: The down-turned economy has left many small business owners wondering what the future holds for them. The fear of losing their business has encouraged several mom entrepreneurs to look for opportunity while others cut spending and layoff employees.

Thirty inspirational women will be highlighted over a period of 30 days on The Mom Entrepreneur blog, which offers tips, advice and resources for balancing motherhood with running a company. These mom entrepreneurs’ stories demonstrate how these amazing women have decided to make “lemonade from lemons” using a little creative ingenuity.

“I have received dozens of emails from mom entrepreneurs all over the country telling me their “glass is half-full” stories,” said Traci Bisson, owner and founder of The Mom Entrepreneur. “From Misty Gibbs, owner of My Inspiration Lounge whose vision is to “help women feel empowered, especially during this time, so they can take control of their lives and become better prepared for future downturns,” to Sarah Laufer, owner of Play Outdoors whose business launched in 2008. Laufer has decided to focus on “being who we are and continuing with our goal of creating a place where parents and kids are encouraged to get outdoors”.

These women and 28 more will be featured in a 30-day inspirational story marathon starting November 15 and concluding on December 14.

Mike Michalowicz, author of “The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur” (Obsidian Launch, LLC, 2008), in a guest post for The Mom Entrepreneur blog said “so here we sit, as entrepreneurs, on an economy that sucks. It will either revive over the next year or two or even perhaps die. But one thing for sure, it will get worse before it gets better. And it is now, right in this moment, that it is the best time to start a business.”

The 30 stories in 30 days marathon will highlight mom entrepreneurs who also feel that now is the best time to start or grow a business because even in a sour economy lies optimism, promise and positive change.

To learn more about The Mom Entrepreneur and to follow the 30-day inspirational story marathon, visit

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  1. This is an awesome project! As someone who always believes that my cup is MORE than half full, it is inspiring to be able to see and hear these stories…I will be passing this on other women who are struggling with their business…it can happen!!

  2. Danielle,

    I totally appreciate your support. I feel so inspired hearing from another person that chooses to maintain a positive outlook. It’s a choice, right? As Michael Dooley always says, “Thoughts become things. Choose the good ones.”