WSJ article: How twitter is used for business

Continuing my theme on Social Media and why mom entrepreneurs should take advantage of its offerings, I just read a great article in the Wall Street Journal about twitter. Here’s the link:

Are you using twitter? If so, how do you use it? How much time do you spend daily using twitter or your other favorite social networking platforms? What are the pros and cons of using such a service for promoting your business?

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  1. Jesse,

    Thanks so much for your comments. I agree that it doesn’t replace the face-to-face contact that all business owners need to grow their businesses, but it would be a pity not to use this technology for the simple solutions it provides.

    I’m working on another post about how to leverage your marketing through social media, so please check back in the next few days to read it here. I appreciate your feedback!


  2. Kristi,

    Thanks for your comments. I agree that twitter does a great job of virally posting your regular blog posts. I love how easy it is, and twitter spreads things so quickly. What’s a blogger not to love about twitter?

    The other thing I’m finding I use twitter for is research. Where I used to google to find out some background or statistics, etc. for an article or presentation I was working on, I now turn to my resources on twitter. I posted a question about resources to help me explain twitter to beginners, and got about 10 helpful tweets in 20 minutes, chock full of useful links and such.

    And as you mention, it’s a great resource for market research. Again, you can’t beat the power and speed a quick twitter poll offers when you’re trying to figure out what to offer your clients next.

    Love your blog, too!

    Take care,

  3. Rachael,

    Thanks for stopping by. I am working on another article about how to best leverage your marketing on social media and will post it here soon.

    I visited your gimmies site and it looks interesting! What’s your role there?

    All the best,