Are you the parent you always wanted to be?

I’m gathering some information for an upcoming speaking engagement. I’m interested in learning how you feel about yourself as a parent. Right now, are you the parent you always wanted to be? If so, what wisdom or advice can you share with other parents? If not, what do you feel is keeping you from being your version of the “ideal” parent?

Please share your successes and struggles. What keeps you up at night? What do you most wish you could do/be for your children? What did you finally realize that made you satisfied with yourself?

All comments welcome!

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  1. I’m not the parent I always wanted to be because parenting is not what I thought it would be like. My kid has to be engaged almost constantly, and I love him dearly, but man, I’m worn out! I am trying hard to accept the parent I am, though. Exhausted and scattered, but also constantly inspired and learning things I never would have if I hadn’t had a child.

    P.S. Found your blog on Google.

  2. Howdy, Wrongshoes!

    Just love your moniker and what you’re all about. Thanks for your url link–I read a bit on your site and am touched by how authentic your voice is! And speaking of that, thanks so much for your honesty. It is so dang hard to be a parent sometimes, and of course, I wouldn’t trade it for anything. What I love most about what you said is that part about “accepting the parent I am.” There’s beauty in those words.

    Thanks for sharing. You’re welcome to drop by my website: I hope I’ll hear from you again, and I wish you all the best on your journey through parenthood (and Life)!

    Take care,